‘Firefly’ TV Ratings on the Science Channel

by on March 12, 2011

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While everyone is spinning around trying to understand the Firefly TV series rights issues, the one thing I was interested in was how the Firefly premiere on the Science Channel went.

Robert Seidman over on TV By The Numbers put up the stats on the Firefly premiere.

Now there is apparently no demographic information floating about, but he put up a chart that ranked the top-25 shows that have aired on the Science Channel.

For numbers, obviously 431k viewers seem horrid on the standard scale that we are all used to reviewing, but the best viewed episode of Firefly did pull in 431k viewers and made it the 4th most viewed show on the network that week.

How It’s Made would seem to be the most viewed show on the network.

So that’s how Firefly rated on the Science Channel.

Thanks to Robert for digging that info up!

Firefly store on AMAZON

[TV By The Numbers]


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