First News Bite On Mark Harmon Contract Negotiations with CBS

by on January 15, 2011

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Today I heard the first bit on the contract negotiations with CBS / NCIS & Mark Harmon. CBS’s take is that they’re pretty sure that he will continue with the show & that he’s very happy where he is.

Mark Harmon in NCIS

I have to say… that could be a very touchy and/or serious set of negotiations. NCIS is the No. 1 rated drama, and sometimes the overall No. rated TV show, beating out even the reality TV shows they’re up against.

Both the network and Mark Harmon can work at driving a hard bargain. This is where I believe spin-off’s come in handy for the networks. When they spin off a popular TV series, and those spin-offs have legs, that gives the network a bit of leverage against the original show and their cast. They spin-off is more than likely cheaper to produce and if it’s close to getting the ratings of the original, well, that’s leverage that weakens the actor’s stance in contract negotiations.

I’m confident that Mark Harmon will get what he needs and continue with the series. Face it, he’s one of the key commodities of the NCIS cast. With that said, he is probably being pursued by other networks too, but I can’t imagine that holds a lot of weight with CBS since the other networks don’t seem to be able to compete with CBS’s huge line-up of successful shows.

TV Guide on Twitter: Mark Harmon Contract Negotiations.

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