First Robocop Remake Pics Are Out, Folks Question The Cop

by on September 17, 2012

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The first set images of the Robocop remake hit the web last week and the pics look interesting.

The Robocop remake stars Joel Kinnaman (AMC’s beleaguered  show, The Killing) as Alex Murphy aka Robocop.  Other cast include Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Clive Owen, Jay Baruchel, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley and more.

But the ‘net buzz seems to be dour on the project.  Looking at the cast I’d think that alone would give this yet another remake some kind of hope, but be it as it may…

Rumors are flying that director José Padilha (Elite Squad: The Enemy Within) has had to fight the production company at various levels and such for things he wants, and that some folks have seen the script and have declared it horrible.  Others are condemning the movie because of what little marketing value hit the street and the lack of other marketing by the studios.

I think it’s kind of early to trash on the lack of marketing angle at the moment.  The movie is due out in August 2013, but be it as it may, that’s what hype there is.

If the director is fighting the studio for things he wants, that sounds like a budget battle.  Mayhaps the cast cost so much that they have little left for movie-making?

What I’m interested in is the questioning of the newest pic that’s come out of Kinneman in armor.

Robocop Remake Set Image via ComingSoon_net

The images were taken by Ed Douglas, of  (Robocop movie image used with permission from ComingSoon.)

But there’s one other aspect of the pics that I see other folks questioning, and that’s if this is the final look of the suit or if it’s a motion capture suit, an early stage suit or what have you.

But if you check out the viral website for, they have a teaser shot of the upcoming RC-2000 and the shoulder view in that image seems to match up closely with the set image that was snapped.  Right now there’s very little else available, but I bet you’ll like the vid that pops up when you first get there.

For me, that seems to say that the pics of Kinnaman in the suit, is THE suit.  And the other website dedicated to the movie so far, is the Facebook page at Omnicorp.


Calling something a flop before it hits theaters is a judgement call with little or no real information to back it.  I get why some do.  I don’t get how others can say flop just because they heard the first news whisper of a project.  (Even if it’s a remake.)  That’s just a begrudged sounding attitude more than anything else.


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