‘First Shift – Legacy’ by Hugh Howey, A Book Review

by on June 26, 2012

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'First Shift - Legacy' by Hugh Howey - a book reviewI have just finished up the prequel book, First Shift – Legacy, written by Hugh Howey and I have to say, it was a rather fascinating read that had my curiosity burning the entire way through.

But first, a warning!:

First Shift – Legacy is the prequel to Howey’s Wool series.  If you have not read Wool, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK.  The magic of Wool is going into and not knowing certain information, but discovering it your journey as you read.  If you were to read this first, the true experience of Wool would be spoiled.

You’ve been warned.  (BTW: This is a spoiler-free book review.)

First Shift – Legacy is as I said, is the prequel to the Wool series and knowing where the story is going is fascinating because Howey keeps the story feeling distant from anything you might know from Wool.  More or less.  I mean you know where you’re headed, but you just don’t see what route the road is going to take you!

Throughout the book, you receive clues that are the puzzle pieces of and to Wool.  Clues that are hard to miss and yet Howey still manages to keep the story going off in a literary feint that sets you up for a great little twist.

The story flip-flops between to time frames that are years apart.  Each chapter swaps back and forth… First the present, then the future.  Or is it… the present, then the past?

Eh, in the end, it all comes together in one way or another.

If you read the Wool series, you NEED to follow it up with First Shift – Legacy.  It is the 6th book in the series, but is the prequel that gives you more of what you know you were curious about after finishing the fifth book in the series.  It defines some of what was hinted at with Wool and explains the horror that is…  well, I can’t spoil anything from either series.

Hugh HoweySuffice it to say that Hugh Howey wrote a book that is hard to talk about without spoiling and hence, I can only say that it’s been a long time coming that an indie-novel has caught my eye, my attention and my emotions.

For what that is worth!

Also, keep your eyes peeled.  I had a “conversation” with Hugh Howey, who was generous enough with his time to take a few moments to entertain some questions that I had in my head!  I’ll be sharing with you here on Brusimm, coming up pretty soon!

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