FLASH CRASH by Denison Hatch, A Book Review

by on July 16, 2016

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Flash Crash book review

Flash Crash: A Jake Rivett Heist Thriller, is the debut novel for author Denison Hatch and to be honest, what a debut! Check out what I had to say about this new book that recently came out on the market!

The short description reads,

When a rogue programmer crashes the gold index, it seems Wall Street’s worst nightmare has come true. In truth, the crisis has just begun.

That description barely touches the surface of this multi-faceted tale of crime, family, trust and deception. The story is such a fun and great read that I forgot it was a “Jake Rivett” book, but rather, got caught up in the entire tale, with this Rivett character showing up here and there, in pursuit of our main characters.

When the story starts, we’re introduced to the main character, David, as he sneaks into a highly protected server room to install his malware program to do its damage. From that point forward, the story is a mix of present, past and the development of characters and relationships in both time streams.

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I normally like moving forward with story, but the flash backs were wonderful at filling in the history and motivations of our cast of various characters.

We have characters that range from high level Wall Street power players to the lowly pizza man. But regardless of who they are, they all play their roles eloquently throughout the story.

In one of the back stories, the author creates a cute and compelling love story.

As a gold heist story, it seems typical at first but becomes baffling as the clues and heist unravel. And being a Jake Rivett novel, well, as he investigates the gold heist (He’s daring and solo NYPD detective) we learned just enough about him in this book to realize that our author might be plotting to tell little bits and pieces about Jake as time goes on in each successive novel.

I kind of like that, little dribbles and dabs of info about our primary character. Nothing all at once.

But as you read the story though, sometimes there are twists and surprises with characters . Sort of.

Anyway, despite not being a fan of financial thrillers, this one turned that genre on its ear and made this a fun, great read. It turned into a literal page-turner!

You would never know this is Hatch’s first shot at a novel. The writing feels seasoned and he knew exactly where to take his turns and twists. I lost more sleep to this book than I care to admit.

Plus, right now he’s busy writing the next Jake Rivett novel. I wonder who that one will be about? It’s titled “Never Go Alone.” That might be good advice, I’m just not sure for whom!

For more about the author, check out his website, Denison Hatch.com.

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