FlashForward Has Been Cancelled

by on May 14, 2010

in Entertainment

According to THR, ABC has canceled FlashForward. If you’re finding the show enjoyable, pay attention. It’s the last you’ll be catching of any new episodes of FlashForward. (I wonder if anyone on the crew had the vision? Is the note on the wall up there?) Sorry.

I’m guessing that after Lost, people just were plain tired of the idea of committing to another show that tossed out one mystery after another. I’ve been tested by the years of endless mysteries never answered and I just thought I’d bide my time and see if FlashForward ends any differently than the book that the TV series is based on, did. I think the mystery mode worked for Lost because we’re committed to the cast. We didn’t get invested in FlashForward. I’m sad for the cast they found themselves canceled.

They’re basing the show loosely on the book but will the final resolution be the same? We’ll see!

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