FlashForward Season & Series Finale Recap & Review

by on May 28, 2010

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FlashForward Season Finale

Tuning in to the ABC’s FlashForward season finale amounted to watching the series finale, being that ABC did not renew it, hence canceling FlashForward. But the finale of FlashForward did indeed deliver. It delivered exactly what was promised in that first episode of FlashForward as we watched various visions of several prominent characters had, come to fruition.

A few were a little different but still on track, others were the same.

Some were still around, negating the premise of their deaths. It was all very much akin to how Lost kept things confusing / fresh… at least that was a subtle thought that was running in me head. Not to mention I was looking for Easter Eggs.

FlashForward and Oceanic Airlines from Lost -Easter Egg

(Remember when the Oceanic Airlines billboard graced the screen of FlashForward? Then again, we now have different staff effectively running the show.)

I’m not sure what to recap. The visions that happened came to be and watching the action surrounding those events was rather satisfying filler. Wedeck (Courtney Vance) was on the toilet, but he wasn’t reading a paper, like his flashforward showed him. Benford’s (Joseph Fiennes) squad of gunmen showed up, but he mustered up properly. Even if a row full of gunmen not once thought to lead the target as Benford dashed for cover. (BTW: in Wedeck’s original flash, he was leisurely reading the paper. Seems in conflict with what Benford was going through, didn’t it? Eh, the writers fixed that properly!)

FlashForward Finale - Keiko and Bryce

Bryce and Keiko find each other in the FlashForward Finale

Bryce (Zachary Knighton), it turns out, never needed to fly overseas to find Keiko (Yko Takeuchi)! Nicole (Peyton List), instead of being drowned by an evil man, drove into the drink and was being saved by a nice man. Interesting and nice twist. And through it all, Demetri (John Cho) didn’t die.

Dominic Monaghan in FlashForward

Dominic Monaghan in FlashForward

Of all the cast from this television event, I felt like the best show of diverse character acting came from Dominic Monaghan, playing the incredibly self-centered Simon Campos. I’ve seen Dominic Monaghan play a drug ladened rock star, turn adopted dad on “the island” in Lost and this was a wonderful and convincing change of character from Monaghan. Kudos man, kudos. (BTW: Dominic Monaghan’s next potential project is a movie called Pet, due out in 2011. John Cho can next be seen in A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011), Sonya Walger (Olivia) in The Factory (2011), and oh.. (The poor thing! Lennon Wynn who played Chalrie Benford was in Jennifer’s Body with Megan Fox. Well, she’s young and can shake that off.)

Confused Ending for FlashForward

What caught my eye and created confusion for me was the final set of scenes. A new flash took place around the world and in that flash we saw different dates, from 2011 to 2015. We saw what I presume was Mark’s son, grown into a teen and other events.

Ignoring the future visions we were handed, which I’ll touch on in a bit, we were also given what I presume to be a bit of a cliffhanger. When the newest Flash took place, Mark was leaping for a helicopter to get away from the exploding building and the gunmen inside. A single floor exploded, though there were references to several floors having bombs.

If the Flash took place, did Mark go sailing off into the air and fall asleep? Did he actually reach helicopter? If so, why would he, knowing a new flash was coming. Wouldn’t the helicopter just take a dump out of the air with him in it?

These are questions that led me to believe that when they wrote this ending, they had no clue that FlashForward was being canceled. Yet if you think about it, seeing the visions in the newest FlashForward is a fascinating, two-sided coin. On one hand, they’ve fed us visions of possible future scenes, if the show were to continue. On the other hand, as a series finale for FlashForward, they handed us visions of what we could add to our imagination of what could have been for some of our characters, beyond the show’s existence.

A curious and interesting premise I’ve landed on, indeed.

What Caused The FlashForwards?

The show never came out and said THIS is why everyone experienced their FlashForwards. They hinted and dodged, in the classic sense of Lost, trying to keep us invested with curiosity.

FlashForward Novel

The Novel by Robert J. Sawyer

Yet in the original FlashForward book by Robert J. Sawyer the flashes showed life 21 years into the future and the ensuing story more or less became a murder mystery of sorts. The flashes of everyone’s futures happened because


when a Super Collider was running a test, a pulse of neutrinos hits the Earth at the same time, causing this side affect. A 2nd pulse was later detected by a satellite put up into space to watch for these pulses.


I actually don’t know how it could be a spoiler, but I’m playing it safe for those who might have gone out to get the book.

There ya have it. It wasn’t a complete let down because it did give us the visions we were shown, mostly. It filled in some extra details and things moved on from there. It’s a shame the ratings didn’t hold up or that the show had to take a break to fix things, though that didn’t seem to help much. Maybe people were satiated with mystery from Lost and didn’t need another dense mystery plot in the same season!

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