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by on December 21, 2014

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Jodie Foster, Sean Bean and Peter Sarsgaard in Flightplan, a review

FlightPlan (2005) stars Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sean Bean, Kate Beahan, Michael Irby and more in a tense emotional thriller about a woman in a bad situation, isolated within an airliner.

I just caught this older movie and found it to be fairly entertaining. It starts out with us watching Kyle Pratt (Foster) dealing with the transport of her dead husband, via airline. While the opening does a flash back and forth series of moments, we see Kyle dealing with the reality of her task and memories of her interactions with her husband when he was alive.

We follow Kyle and her daughter to the airport and take note on how the husband had died from a fall, while her daughter now has quite the fright of falling.

As they get on the plane and settle in, they take a nap. But when mom wakes up, not only is her daughter missing, but as she searched the plane, it seems that not only has no one seen her daughter, but that there seemed to be no record of her getting on the plane. No record, no name on the manifest and none of her stuff is on the plane.

That is one huge plane! Do they really make them that big?

As she panics, she drags the flight crew, air Marshall and everyone else on board into her plight, all while we, the viewing audience, are pretty convinced, at least by all appearances, that she is bonkers from the stress of her husband’s death.

But the problem here is that she knows the plane design, backwards and forward, being an aero engineer of sorts and having designed this particular behemoth of a plane.

The movie starts off and sets you up and if you come into this film with zero expectations, as in just starting it up when you see it on your TV schedule, then following along is a fascinating journey to figure out the story.

But the story develops and when the child goes missing, you start wondering about Pratt’s mental stability because how can an entre plane’s compliment of crew and staff miss a kid?

But being only half way through the movie, you know there’s something more to the story.

All in all, I’m sorry I missed this movie in theaters. It was yet another decent Jodie Foster flick, where she tosses a distressed and kooky character at fans to follow. To either sympathize or scoff at. But she can ramp up some seriously distressful characters who are forced into action, pretty damn well.

Any Jodie Foster fan out there will enjoy this flick. Sean Bean and Sarsgaard deliver great characters. This is easy, a popcorn-6 movie. I would have even planted a seven the movie except for a few gaps in logic in the story.

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For me to express anything else about the movie, I might need to divulge some…


Through the course of the movie a few questions popped up in my head that lent themselves to distracting me a bit from the story.

For one, I either missed it or it was never addressed, but exactly why they used Kyle, I do not know. Wait? Who is they?

Secondly, absolutely no one saw her daughter at all? Seriously?

Third: Are there airplanes really that big? Sheesh.

Fourth: How did no one see the kid get abducted from her seat, and someone take all her stuff?

Honestly though, not knowing why Kyle was chosen by the hijackers is beyond me. Oh, yes, there were hijackers involved, who expertly maneuvers Kyle into the position of looking like a hijacker. And her behavior sure did not help. They managed to wrangle this entire deal via actually killing Kyle’s husband, instead of the popular theory that he jumped and killed himself. So maybe the hijackers forced the situation on Kyle via bad, bad luck by a random pick.

How she was continually escaping her captive situations was way too easy, even if it meant furthering different story points along nicely.

Despite some obvious quirks, it was still a fun film to experience. It wasn’t one of her best, but she pulls it off despite the limitations of the story.

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