For The Joss Whedon Comic Fan, There’s Good News [Dollhouse, Angel]

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Dollhouse, Buffy, Angel & The Guild Comic News!

Dollhouse Epitaths from Dark Horse

We know that during the series run of Dollhouse, Joss Whedon was a wee bit downtrodden about the idea of doing a comic version of the show. He went from saying “no,” to “maybe,” to there are no plans to do this. I’m happy to report that now we have definitive news that Dark Horse Comics will be carrying on the torch of the Eliza Dushku starrer in comic book form! Shiny! Can I say shiny about a Dollhouse title? Hope so, I just did! (But then again… if you read this column, you already knew about the Dark Horse Epitath titles… right!? If you were around reading this fledgling website site back in July 0f ’10 that is.)

The Dark Horse Comics Dollhouse title will be written by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen and will pick up the battle of our heroes after the point in time where the TV series ended, during the era that we were teased about in the episodes “Epitaph One” and “Epitaph Two.” Whedon and Tancharoen both wrote for the TV series, so they both bring brains full of knowledge and ideas from the franchise. Hence, I’m not worried about the title flopping in the eyes of the fans.

Cliff Richards will be the artist and we can expect the title to be released in the mainstream sometime in 2011. (There was already a special preview version sold during the San Diego Comic-Con event.

Dark Horse announced a few things at the New York Comic Con event, Dollhouse being one of them.

Buffy, Willow & Spike

When the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine title debuts in mid-2011 we’ll also be seeing spin-off titles featuring Willow and Spike.


In addition, with Dark Horse recently snagging the rights to Angel, we’ll also be seeing Dark Horse picking up the Angel story after IDW’s final spin with the title, after their rights expire.

The Guild

Since I’m talking the Whedonverse of comics, I’m going to slide a bit sideways and let ya’ll know that Felicia Day is cranking out more comic powered story to accent her webseries The Guild. This title will be called The Guild: Vork, and will focus on the life of Vork, the leader of the Knights of Good. It will be co-written by both Felicia Day & Jeff Lewis. Lewis is also the actor who protrays Vork in the web-series, The Guild.

Whew, lots of great news on the Dark Horse Comics front, that’s for sure and I’m glad I finally squeezed out the time to pass the word on!

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