For the Ladies: Henry Cavill Set Image From ‘Man of Steel’

by on October 13, 2011

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Henry Cavill as Superman in

Hey gals, in case there are any lady genre fans out there waiting patiently for the Henry Cavill starrer, Man of Steel, there are some new pics out on the web (below).  The new Superman movie from director Zack Snyder, is coming from the keyboards of David S. Goyer, & Christopher Nolan.  Nolan is also producing.

From the set pic below, with Cavill cavorting around mostly neked and ripped, this is a look I’ve only seen maybe once or twice from the Superman franchise.  And it looks cool, it looks promising.

Nolan has been known, from his Dark Knight trilogy, to take from great story lines and make them better…  so between Goyer and Nolan, with Snyder directing, this seems to have the potential of being one of the better Superman films, ever.

We’ll see.  For now, here’s one set image from Man of Steel, and there are a few more over at Crave Online, who was the source for these on the web…

Superman Set Pics Henry Cavill w Beard 'Man of Steel'


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