For the Michael Rosenbuam Fan: A Quick Project Update

by on March 30, 2011

in Entertainment

Michael RosenbaumIf you’re a fan of anything Michael Rosenbaum does, whether it in front of the camera in Smallville, Breaking In, or his voice work in things like Bleach or Batman: The Brave and the Bold, OR even things that come from that brain of his like Saved by Zeroes, then I have a bit of news for you!

Deadline is reporting that Michael Rosenbaum has been given what they call a blind script commitment from Fox.

We haven’t seen his other creative work Saved By Zeroes yet which was under the influence of the Syfy channel, but supposedly it’s in the pre-production phase… whatever that might mean!

So with that, it looks like his efforts to get behind the ‘pen’ and be the creative force behind a project is slowly picking up steam.

Very cool for Michael Rosenbaum… even cooler for the fans who appreciate his work, though I’m sure we’d love to see more face time from him in front of a camera than behind, but heck, who’s counting?

Reminder: He will be appearing in the series finale of Smallville, which is airing on May 13th, 2011. Mr. Rosenbaum has already filmed his part with Welling.


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