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by on August 2, 2011

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Stargate Soundtrack Mash-ups

If you’ve dug around enough on the web as a Stargate fan, you’ve probably found some great and not so great fan mash-ups.

'Stargate Universe' The Destiny's final trip

But in the case of the YouTube user/channel ‘JaapVSWDelta,’ we’ve got a guy who takes his love of both music and Stargate and mash them together using above his obviously way above average skills for editing footage and blending it with music.

The first time I encountered his work was in the video mash-up “Stargate – Diamond Eyes.” I found it to be an awesome vid and because of that video, I actually found myself searching for music from that group.  (Music groups take note!)

Jaap’s newest video mashes up scenes explicitly cut from Stargate Universe and the music from Skillet, the song titled “Monster.”

I like this guys work. And in this case, he’s reminded me of how sad Stargate Universe fans must be, having lost this wonderful sci fi series to the sad but realistic world of TV ratings.

Here’s his newest video,

Stargate Universe – Monster

Here’s another one:

Stargate – Blow me Away – HD

The music is ‘Breaking Benjamin – Blow me Away’.


Combining scenes from Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. It’s a progressive teaser that takes you through all the years of Stargate.

If there were ever the perfect video TV teaser trailer for the franchise, I think this would be IT. He pulls together all the right scenes and puts them all in the right moments in the soundtrack. He’s da’ man!

Stargate – Diamond Eyes

Check out this bonus clip I snagged:

Halo Live action battle HD

Sorry… I’m always and quietly pushing Halo material.


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