Forbidden Planet and James Cameron Could equal Awesome

by on December 15, 2009

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About a year ago an unconfirmed statement was floating about that James Cameron was involved possibly with the Forbidden Planet remake.

J. Michael Straczynski said about how he’s approaching writing it, he tormented the interviewer at MTV:

“Itís not a remake. Itís not a reimagining. Itís not exactly a prequel,” he explained at the time. “Youíll have to see it. Itís something that no one has thought of when it comes to this storyline.”

And like that isn’t awesome news already…† but when MTV ( got a chance to talk to James Cameron, they asked him directly about the Forbidden Planet remake and Cameron told the reporter that he’s actively involved in the project and he loves Forbidden Planet.

For the record, Forbidden Planet is one of my seriously favorite movies of all time.† It’s story, affects and the girl!† But in those days, they added affects to a story.† I love older movies because of that.

But as far as Cameron’s next move, we know he’s sort of busy with some other movie right now… um… ah…† Aviator…,† no… airplane…?† No…oh, wait, AVATAR, that’s right.† He’s dealing with some press junkets and stuff from that little flick.

But he did say that in regards to Forbidden Planet, he hasn’t made any decisions about the project yet, which I presume is about directing it.

Damn… (sorry)† would that not be an incredible match up with JMS and James Cameron?† I think so.

It would be nice to see this project get some wind under its sails.† It’s been there for awhile and I have all my perl and shell script bots scurrying around looking for it day and night…† So when I catch wind of it, you will too!

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