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by on November 26, 2009

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Back in November of 2008 I read where Joel Silver and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Ninja Assassin, upcoming Silver Surfer) were getting together to do a remake of Forbidden Planet… my absolute favorite classic science fiction movie. After that, we then heard that possibly James Cameron, though busy on the once shrouded in mystery project Avatar, might be interested in helming the project.

Then the news was that there would be a trilogy of sorts got out in the wild and details of the storyline started to make their way into the verse of the internet.

Then I heard news that the project was tossed out and a rewrite was in order because of the leak of the script info. In fact, Straczynski himself had this to say:

“…because so much of the Forbidden Planet screenplay was leaked out, Warners and I have decided to chuck the screenplay in its entirety and start over. This is the direct result of the leaks that showed up on the nets, including detailed script reviews of a project that was barely a week old, and which would effectively destroy any anticipation of the movie because by the time it finally reached the screen in 2010 or thereabouts, the story would be old news. So we’re starting fresh, and we’re going to keep a tight lid on the script this time.

So to the sites that say, “Where’s the harm, it’s not like they’re gonna toss out the script because we blew the contents of same all over the nets,” well, yes, that’s exactly what it’s like, and it’s precisely your responsibility that a year’s worth of work was destroyed.”

I get wanting to have the inside scoop on things. It’s cool news and such but if you’re not authorized to release what you know, then in a few cases, oops.

Why the history lesson / tirade? Because I wanted you to know that I’ve been hovering… waiting. And the waiting has paid off.

According to JMS himself, he’s been quoted to working on “the current draft of Forbidden Planet and the Fox pilot.” YES! Sorry… so much for neutral reporting.

Yes, it’s yet another remake but I have bunches of faith in JMS. Bunches.

The reboot of Forbidden Planet is going to remain faithful to the original while it expounds on some origin material. Now we’re talking. More as it develops!

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R. Mathhews January 9, 2011 at 8:22 pm

Hey JMS let me know if you need some new ideas and I like you to help
me with my films, We all have dreams thing we want to do.
I’m one if your fans for years. You are so gifted.

brusimm November 27, 2009 at 1:47 am


Each time I’ve seen any reference to JMS working on a pilot for Fox, he never alludes to a name, just that he’s working on one. Now I’m curious and I’ll have to start digging!


Tim M. November 27, 2009 at 1:38 am

As a fan of Science Fiction, “Forbidden Planet” is part of my film
library along with the other classics such “2001” and the “Day the Earth
Stood Still”, among others.

I think they can make a great movie based on the concept while paying
homage to the original. Even with todays technology the original script
would not draw enough interest.The audience has changed along with how
movies are shot.

I can understand the upset about too much information getting out this
early. I sometimes think the trailers reveal too much. I read the fly
leaf on a book cover but I never open a book and read the last page. I
see where IESB may have gotten that famous ‘Cease and Desist’ There is a
section missing with a block that says ‘Details removed at the request
of Warner Bros. Studio.’

Perhaps I missed something, could you clarify the quote from JMS that
ended with “the Fox pilot.” What Fox pilot does he refer?

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