Fox’s Alcatraz Is Cause For Annoyances On Alcatraz Tour

by on January 26, 2012

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Alcatraz on Fox

I just heard on my local TV news program that Fox’s new hit show, Alcatraz, is starting to cause a stir at the real Alcatraz, here in the Bay Area.

Now even though I have yet to watch the new TV series season premiere of Alcatraz, I’m already writing about it, and I guess, to some degree, I’ve just been spoiled! Do’h! The show is from J.J. Abrams, and starring Sam Neill, Sarah Jones and Jorge Garcia, the series is about time-displaced crooks that disappeared way back when, and are now starting to mysteriously reappear today.

And for some reason, folks are thinking the real prison has clues and secret rooms for them to find, in relation to the TV series.

It seems that even though the show has only been on for a few weeks with some pretty solid ratings, the fans that have seen the TV show and taking the island prison tour are trying to sneak off to find this elusive and FICTIONAL control room referred to as the Batcave or the tour guides are having to field questions about this control room and other places that are fictionalized in the show.

It’s gotten to the point that the tour has posted signs trying to clearly point out that the Fox TV series Alcatraz is a fictional show and that restricted areas are marked such to protect the tourists from dangerous areas, protect historical rooms or keep some of the local bird life from being pestered.

Seriously folks! I close with no comment…

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