Friday Night Lights Powerful Matt Episode – A Review (6/4/10)

by on June 4, 2010

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Zack Gilford from Friday Night Lights

Zack Gilford

This is an episodic TV review of tonight’s episode (6/4/10) of Friday Night Lights. It was a powerful episode as we watched Matt (Zach Gilford) deal with the loss of his father. There was a lot of minutia about dealing with the caskets, the funeral services and Matt finally starting to break down near the end of the episode.

When he started breaking down, it was the culmination of the entire episode as we watched Matt start to realize his loss, that though he wasn’t fond of his father, his father still had a place in his life. Even if it meant he was the focus of Matt’s hate in life.

At the service, Matt spoke about his dad and he avoided talking about the lousy part of his father’s personality and instead focused on one event to recall that reminded all that his dad had a sense of humor.

Friday Night Lights w Taylor Kitsch, Gaius Charles and Scott Porter

Friday Night Lights w Taylor Kitsch, Gaius Charles and Scott Porter

It was a powerful episode that had a slow build and if you’ve ever been through the loss of a loved one, you’d realize how acutely they’ve touched on the many phases of loss and dealing with it. (My father passed away a few months back. Maybe this is why the episode touched me so.)

They used incredible imagery at the end of the episode. After everyone left the burial service, Matt took the shovel from the grave fillers and started to fill the grave in himself. In a way, bringing closure and saying farewell to his father.

I don’t get how this show doesn’t pull in great ratings… except for the fact that it’s on Friday nights. It’s a wonderfully engaging TV series.

The frustrations of Coach Taylor, expertly played by Kyle Chandler (The Day the Earth Stood Still, King Kong) is a well written journey of tolerance and frustration as he gets screwed by the rich man moving in and taking over the team to get his son in the best position possible on the team.

Friday Night Lights w Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton

His wife, the stoic, sharp witted and strong willed Principal Tami Taylor is well played by Connie Britton (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Women in Trouble and in the movie of the same title, Friday Night Lights.).

Of course we have Tim Riggins, played by Taylor Kitsch (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Upcoming: John Carter of Mars). Tim is a short sighted but honest man these days as he struggles with his choice to not go to college.

One of my favorite characters is Landry Clarke, whose played well by Jess Plemons (Observe and Report, Shrink). Landry comes off as a simple minded bumpkin, but he’s incredibly witty and insightful actually.

It’s a fun show that draws you into middle America and the challenges they face, both great and small!

Friday Night Lights is created by Peter Berg (Hancock, The Losers, UPCOMING: Battleship) and I think it’s a great TV show. But as it seems to only pull in just under 4 million viewers, (TV By The Numbers) does it have a chance to continue on in its present state of ratings? I hope so. I’d miss the show if it went away. Then again, what doesn’t go away these days?

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