‘Fringe’ 4th Season Premiere Quickie Outline & Recap

by on September 24, 2011

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Fringe‘s fourth season premiere has started on an all new path.  Olivia (Anna Torv)  seems more in charge than she did before.  Both sides are now working together.  The Observer (Michael Cerveris) is on an assignment to wipe someone from history, and oh yea, Peter (Joshua Jackson) never existed.

'Fringe' Season Four promo

It’s a new path in which Fringe‘s third season finale showed us…  Peter kicked in the machine that he powered and he disappeared.  But before he did, he managed to get both sides, both universes to work together.  And then he just vanished.  From view and from time.

Now, Peter has never existed and the world moves on as if he never existed.  Things have occurred or not occurred, depending on how march a part of an event he was.

And the Observer has been assigned to fix something, whether it be eliminate memories or an individual, I’m not sure.

And the two Olivias are like warring sisters, except not.

And FBI agent Lee (Seth Gabel) has been pulled into the fray now too.

And the two sides have created a transit system that now joins both universes together.

(Cripes, I just realized how many ‘and’s’ I just used.)

All in all, what they’ve done on Fringe reminds me a lot of what they did with the soon to be canceled Eureka.  They found a way to twist up the story line of our characters so that it’s the same people, but a different story.  Different enough to keep Fringe interesting.

Different enough to make me look forward to more Fringe on Fox.


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