‘Fringe’ Finale & ‘Doctor Who’ Episode Observations and Reviews

by on May 8, 2011

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Cinema Static Mini recaps and opinions on the Fringe season finale and the last episode of Doctor Who!

Fringe Season Finale

In the season Finale of Fringe from 20th Century Fox Television, titled “The Day We Died,” I was a bit disappointed in the story. There was so much build up in the previous few episodes that when Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) disappeared from the machine and showed up ten years in the future, that there was a lot that could have taken place.

Now being ten years out in the future, the Fringe showrunners decided to explore the characters in that time frame. Sure, it was nice to see where everyone ended up, but I felt like the actual story, the events we needed to see, didn’t really develop that much beyond what we saw in the previous episodes.

Granted, it was a whopper of a season finale to

[spoiler]watch Peter “tune” out, as if he had never existed[/spoiler]

. That was big. But I felt like very little was moved forward in the story.

On the flip side, seeing John Noble’s character portrayal of the wild-eyed Dr. Walter Bishop, and the lean, focused Walter (Walternate) Bishop is truly a treat to behold. And yes, I did like seeing where eveyone ended up… but I was looking for more story than there really was.

But alas, one of the gang here, Tim, had this to add to my collective of thoughts from above:

The cliffhanger was a paradox.

When Peter ceased to exist then the whole reason for the war didn’t exist and therefore if the war happened it was for a different reason. How could the machine turn on without Peter? How could it have been sent back in time?

So what are they, both Walters and both Olivias, doing talking to each other and why? Which universe were they all in?

Walter couldn’t have kidnapped a non existent Peter as a child unless in the new timeline Peter existed and died sometime in the past? Walternate would have no reason for wanting to exact revenge.

But,in an interview John Noble let the cat out of the bag in that none of the major characters dies and everybody comes back next season.  The only mystery is how that will happen.

The resolution is really going to be fascinating.  Leave it to Abrams to tackle the time travel paradox.

Until next season! Yep, Fringe was renewed for a fourth season by Fox.


Doctor Who Episode “The Curse of the Black Spot” Review

Last Saturday night on BBC America, we had yet another treasure from writer Steve Thompson and director Jeremy Webb.

In this episode, The Doctor (Matt Smith), Amelia (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) landed themselves in a pirate’s ship that is bedeviled by still waters and a water demon of sorts.

The episode was classic Doctor Who, with a bit of running about, convincing folks he’s there to help and taking a situation and discovering the true nature of the situation, which isn’t what it appeared to be… as usual.

And that situation, was that

[spoiler]the evil ocean demon was really an alien medical AI taking in the injured humans to an invisible spacecraft.[/spoiler]

Did you notice that sliding window in a door woman? I wonder if that’s a mid-wife nurse watching over Amy while she’s pregnant/not pregnant.

And we did not see any other development with the little time-lord spawn that was in transition at the end of the last episode.  Since I’m presuming that is the child of Amelia’s, I’d love to see if this little beast grows up to be Dr. River Song (Alex Kingston).  That would be a hoot!  Then again, Dr Song has red hair… Amy has red hair?  Curious or incidental?

Can’t wait for the upcoming Doctor Who episode titled “The Doctor’s Wife,” written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Richard Clark.

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