Fringe Renewal Talks Underway, Not Sure Fans Should Hold Their Breath!

by on January 24, 2012

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Is Fringe getting renewed, or cancelled?

Seth Gabel and Anna Torv in Fringe

News on the street is that negotiations have started up for the renewal of Fringe for a fifth season. But that’s the sliver of good news. The not so good news says that Fox says that they are losing money airing the show. And that, my dear readers, is never a good thing when it comes to a TV show on the air, but then again, it’s almost always the inevitable with every single TV series.

What that Fox statement about losing money on Fringe says is that basically, viewers have strayed and the ratings are not baiting the advertisers. And I get that, as the show has sort of hit a pothole or two along the way from mid-last season to mid-this season. But something has changed in the show and we suddenly have a few new dynamics that are making the show look a bit better than it has been in a long time.

With Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) dilemma about being stranded out of any timeline and just wanting to figure out how to get back feels a bit refreshing. And right now, there is a common enemy that no one seems to know how to deal with… except that Peter has encountered him in his own timeline, giving Peter the edge to getting what he wants most, trust from both sides, and eventually getting back to his own timeline.

But be that as it may, if Fox isn’t pulling negotiating legs and the show is going to be renewed, the veiled hints are that Warner Bros. Television would need to reduce the sci-fi series licensing fees to help the studio break even in airing it.

And that would probably mean production costs somewhere getting cut. But where? Ah, but some TV shows have gone on with budgets cut, so we’ll see. Supernatural on The CW TV network is one example, where they found themselves looking at expense limitations. They cut effects and licensing fees, and focused the writing more on just two or three characters at a time/scene and they ended up making the show even better.

Any way, it would seem that showrunners have the ending of Fringe laid out if indeed they aren’t renewed, so in all likelihood, fans won’t be left hanging high and dry!

[TV Line: Fringe season 5 renewal negotiations]

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