Fringe Season 2 Finale Recap and Review

by on May 21, 2010

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The ‘2nd season’ Season Finale of Fringe was the 2nd of 2 parts.  In part one, Walter is obsessed with catching up to Peter who has been taken to the other side.  There on the other side, the Fringe division is a public entity more or less in control of the things.  Walter Bishop, on the other side, is the prime minister of defence.  His intent is to use Peter for his own means.  Walternate is a pretty focused looking man!

In the 2nd part of “Over There,” we’re shown how integrated the Fringe department is into society as Peter takes a guided tour of the city on the other side.  They even have acknowledged Fringe events that are cordoned off because a connection to another universe won’t close.

SIDE NOTE of Paying Homage: The other Olivia’s bedside phone has a great ring tone from Rocky Horror Picture show!  Way too awesome!

In the last episode, our Walter gets shot and goes to the hospital.  In this episode Olivia finds him:

Walter:  Olivia?
Olivia: Yes.
Walter: Prove it.
Olivia: Walter, we don’t have time for this.
Walter: Ah, it is you.

Absolutely perfect!  Being on the other side, Olivia and Walter race to figure out how to get Peter back and to also open a door back to their own side.

Fringe the alternate Olivia

Fringe the alternate Olivia, Anna Torv

When alternate Olivia drops Peter off at a place that Walternate was letting him stay at, did you catch the DC comic prints on Peter’s suite’s wall?  There was a Dark Knight print, but it looked like Superman in the pose instead of an older BatmanA Crisis on Infinte Earth, but different, A Death of Superman cover, but with Batman instead…  Red Arrow and Red Lantern cover…  Another nice homage of some degree, not to mention a great example of alternate items.

When our Olivia confronts her twin, it’s almost a touching, sister kind of moment, talking of family members lost and still around.  Except for the sisterly cat fight where our Olivia bonks duplicate Olivia over the head and takes her place by dying her hair.  (I like how Torv looks in the longer, dark hair!)

Did anyone notice that when our Olivia was with alternate  Charlie, he referred to alternate universes, as in plural?  Interesting.  I wonder if it means anything? Peter finally figures out he’s the power source of a tool that will destroy our side… but by now Olivia has found Peter and it’s here the Olivia confesses that they need to be together.

Fringe WIlliam Bell played by Leonard Nimoy

Fringe: WIlliam Bell played by Leonard Nimoy

When Peter and Bell meet, William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) says to Peter you’re holding up better than I thought… interesting mystery statement unless he’s referring to the damage that’s done to someone who jumps universes.

Fringe William Bell and Walter Bishop

Fringe William Bell and Walter Bishop

Near the end, there’s a gunfight and a massive explosion that clears the other side’s massing forces… and William Bell wakes to Olivia helping him up.  William Bell then helps our team and provides his own body to power the thingy that helps them cross back over.  I was a wee bit stunned to hear that Walter was the one who ordered his memories removed.  Stunning!

Olivia goes home, looking around her place.  Relieved to be there or getting oriented to this place?  There’s a tense understanding between Walter and Peter.  For now.

Fringe Walternate played by John Noble

Fringe Walternate played by John Noble

The episode ends with us watching Olivia using the Selectric to communicate to the other side, and the Walternate in his universe checking in on our Olivia, in a darkened holding cell on the other side.

Nothing good can come from this!

Fringe finished off their second season in classic Fringe style providing answers to questions, letting Leonard Nimoy go out in style in his last stint in his acting career, inserting a fake Olivia into our own dimension while leaving our Olivia in the other side… neither one having the ability to return to their own side.  I loved seeing the alternate universe and all the damage done by fringe events.  It was creepy to see the people outside of Walter’s Harvard lab over there, stuck in what looked like amber!

They also went nuts with homages and I loved it.  I also enjoyed how much screen time Nimoy had.  It was good to see his last role before he retires be so active rather than a few bit scenes.

Fringe Peter Jackson as Peter Bishop

Fringe Peter Jackson as Peter Bishop

Now we definitely have something to look forward to for the 3rd season of Fringe.  The mending of Peter and Walter’s relationship, fake Olivia trying to pull this infiltration off and what will the evil Walternate do to our Olivia?

Tell me, does John Noble just steal the show every time?  He’s the wonderful aspect of the show I enjoy watching the most as he seems to pull off multiple scenarios that require totally different perspectives of emotion.  Everyone has now, since we ‘ve seen the super-cool Fringe division on the other side, but Noble does an outstanding job.

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