Fringe Season Premiere – A Review [Season 3]

by on September 23, 2010

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In the 3rd season premiere of Fringe, we’re on the ‘other’ side watching our Olivia (Anna Torv) being grilled by a one Dr. Anderson. It seems she’s trying to brainwash Olivia into believing she’s their Olivia. Walternate (John Noble) is the one behind the project of the brainwashing processes. Though, it seems, she’s resistant to that.

During the latest treatment to change her mind, she makes a break for it. Olivia hijacks a cabbie and politely forces him to help her. I mean, at the end of a gun, she asked quietly. That’s sort of polite.

Fringe - Anna Torv as Olivia and Altenate OliviaAnna Torv as Olivia and Alternate Olivia on Fringe

The entire episode, we follow Olivia on the wrong side, trying to figure things out. The alternate Fringe division sealed off the theater where she traveled to this side at and for a while, they were tracking the cab she was in.

It’s a sad episode of sorts, realizing that from all appearances, she stuck on this side and it seems, at moments, the brainwashing attempts might actually have worked as she has moments of confusion or other clues as such.

By the end of the episode, it seems that it may have taken… the brainwashing… but she may have made a friend in the cab driver.

At the end of the season premiere episode of Fringe, they made a wonderfully subtle (but not) scene change as we watched a dirigible from the alternate side flash out of existence.

Here, Peter was finishing up his interrogation about his experience on the other side and the alternate Olivia was hanging with Walter. Peter (Joshua Jackson) kissed Olivia. It’s also good to see Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) again, even though we all thought he was fired from the production back in a previous season!

Cinema Static Opinion

Fringe - John Noble as Walter and WalternateJohn Noble as Walter and Walternate in Fringe

The episode credits, (it’s titled “Olivia”) show J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci as the writers. They brought this episode home, adding a new dimension of tension to the show. No pun intended. This duality of the alternate Olivia on our side and or Olivia falling in with the alternate side, or at least I’m hoping, appearing to, is distressful. If you ever wondered or doubted John Noble, he’s wonderful as our Walter and demonstrating his frail state of mind and his intermittent self-awareness of his condition. To see him as the focused, evil Walternate is another dimension altogether. (Again… REALLY… no pun intended.) I think Noble can carry this series as he was… now I no longer think, I know. Yet watching Torv deal with her duality and situation is a great, refreshing approach that Torv has to take.

FRINGE billboard promo art for season 3

If this is any sign of things to come, I think this will be a great hit for 20th Century Fox Television for the fall 2010/2011 season. The above Fringe “billboard” promo art shows us both sides of the reality and the subtle differences between them. Take a closer look.

All sides of the creative team, from writers, directing and the expression of the actors seems to have gelled wonderfully. I hope this momentum continues through the season and we have to wait and see if Peter kissing Olivia gives her away or not. She’s already had a few slip ups on our side. Did Walter notice? I don’t know. He never lets on when he

Personal note: I love the look of the alternate Olivia. I could get used to that, but she is the bad guy, so never mind!

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