Fringe Spoilers in A Record Store Near You with Violet Sedan Chair!

by on January 6, 2011

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Fringe Logo Billboard

In what looks like a completely brilliant marketing move, Fox has coordinated a great viral campaign associated with the January 21st mid-season premiere of Fringe, starring John Noble, Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv.

Here’s the twist/catch:  In the upcoming Fringe premiere Walter (Noble) comes face-to-face with the keyboardist of his favorite 70’s band who will be played by Christopher Lloyd.  The name of the band, (This is important!) is called Violet Sedan Chair.

John Noble and Lance Reddick in Fringe

Now keeping with this musical theme, believe it or not, Fox has publicly distributed spoilers and clues to this upcoming episode and they’ve been in the public, under your noses (sort of) for a few months now.  I find this totally cool.

It seems that the producers had a vinyl album created under the group and the album name is called Seven Suns and the vinyls vinyl albums have been sitting in a few select independent record stores nationwide.

Each album has specific clues and/or spoilers about the show…  in the lyrics and other cool things.  Each album out there is different.

The trick… Fox isn’t telling you where these albums are being sold.  Nor are they fessing up as to who the real artists are that portray the fake group, Violet Sedan Chair in this album titled Seven Suns.

Fringe - Anna Torv as Olivia and Altenate Olivia

Now the first time the band was mentioned was in Season 2 episode titled “Grey Matters” while Walter is having issues with having taken too much Valium and he says:  “I don’t want to go to the hospital. I need Violet Sedan Chair. … it’s a band. Their debut album … always helps me to come down from a Valium high.

Also, in early 2009

J.J. Abrams co-edited a special issue of Wired, all about mysteries. In the magazine’s music section, various musical mysteries are discussed. Including: “1971  The liner notes on Violet Sedan Chair’s album Seven Suns list a missing 11th song, and the penultimate track is rumored to produce hallucinatory effects when played on multiple turntables.”

Tell me Abrams doesn’t have fun coming up with these red herrings!?

Fringe Violet Sedan Chair album, Seven Suns

Tracks on the album include

  • She’s Doing Fine
  • Seven Suns (rising)
  • Slow Vibration
  • Hovercraft Mother
  • She’s Doing Fine
  • Long List of Lovers
  • Keep Climbing
  • 500 Years
  • Last Man in Space
  • Seven Suns (setting)
  • Re La Mi Si Sol La
  • Greenmana

Want to drive yourself crazy?  (I don’t want to be the only one.)  Do a Google search on the band’s name.  Look around for the album title.  Check out the song titles.

Did I not say this was pretty awesome?  I find this as awesome as the subtle wonderfulness that John Noble uses to portray Walter.

Has anyone seen these albums?  Heck, I’m betting you weren’t even looking in the vinyl sections “in” any store, if you even went to record stores!  We all do our shopping these days via our phones & laptops and download everything!

My suggestion is save yourself some leg work and start making some phone calls with those same smartphones and find your local, independent music stores and see what they have!  OK, I’ve done some of the leg work… it’s your turn!  Let me know if you find anything about these cool Fringe teasers/spoilers/virals!


Sources: Initial spark of info: TV Line, Album image, song titles: The Fringe Report. <<  These guys did all the real hard work… go pay them a visit!

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Bruce Simmons January 7, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Well there ya go!!! Thanks for the editorial input in the comments section! Hope it looks better now. Thanks Chris! (See, I always need an editor! Sometimes I try to get way too original.)

Chris January 7, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Hey, Bruce –
“album name is called Seven Suns and the vinyls have been sitting in a few select independent record stores nationwide.”
“VINYLS” is not a word. Try using records or vinyl albums next time…..

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