Fringe The Final Season – Premiere Review

by on September 29, 2012

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TV Review of Fringe, season five premiere

I finally caught Fringe‘s fifth and final season premier on VoD and it looks like the show has taken a slight twist in the story they had been telling in the first four seasons.

The story is now taking place in the year 2036 and the Observers have taken over the planet. This is the future that was hinted at in an obscure stand-alone episode last season.

Everyone stashed themselves in amber to save themselves for the future. It’s an explosive release from the amber, almost funny, but they’re all back together, Olivia, Walter, Peter & Astrid. Oh, and Peter and Olivia’s 20-year-old daughter, Etta.

Walter has some plan in his head on how to defeat the Observers, but it’s been scrambled and the Observers spend a bit of time trying to get it out of him via mental mind tricks.

Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole and Georgina Haig in Fringe final season

Fringe has taken the leap from chasing the interesting X-Files-like cases to be fully immersed into the future and the battle against the Earth conquering Observers.

I’m not invested in this future world of Fringe yet and I’m not feeling this story line. I presume we’re going to start getting flashback material to fill us in on when and how the Observers started to take over our world. Right? Maybe?

The show had a decent potential for an ending last season, but I’m worried there was a shark that needed jumping to keep the story going when Fox gave the show a nod for this fifth and final season.

It won’t take much for me to either stay or bail on this final season of Fringe. We’ll see if they make it worth my while and get pulled in and invested in the story and the characters.

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