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by on October 5, 2012

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Over on YouTube there’s this account called ScreenJunkies. What I know of them are from some humorous movie trailer parodies. But they could tread a fine line, depending on either how you like a movie or how much you can appreciate the snarky skills used to create these trailers.

They get better with the latter videos as they get more experience under their belts and each video hits on pretty interesting points from within each movie.

First one up…


I enjoyed the movie, but they hit some great points about the movie, if you can emotionally remove yourself from the franchise. Check it out:

The Avengers

Now if you know me, you know how crazy I am about The Avengers. With that said, while I was watching I got a kick out of the comment about DC Comics being on suicide watch. And sure, they made some comments we might not like, but it’s still funny. They even touched on the curious issue of exactly how Thor manages to get to Earth, despite the Bifrost bridge being destroyed in Thor.

Check it out:

The Hunger Games

Then there’s

The Dark Knight

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