FX January 2013 Premeire Dates Announced

by on December 4, 2012

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FX Network logoFX Network has announced their January 2013 premiere dates for shows like Justified, Archer, and a few others. Check it out…

  • Justified (starring Timothy Olyphant) premieres on Tuesday, January 8th.
  • Anger Management (Charlie Sheen) on Thursday, January 17.
  • Archer animated series premieres its fourth season on January 17
  • Legit (A new comedy) premieres right after Archer.
  • Totally Biased (W. Kamau Bell) on Thursday, January 17 also.

For me Justified is the show that airs in my house, but you HAVE to record to catch it if you can’t watch it live. I recommend recording it because of that cursed 7-day delay that FX instills on (at least) my VoD service on Comcast.

I’m not sure why they do that and who enforces that, but it is what it is. I’ve had to play balancing act with Sons of Anarchy so I don’t have to wait out that 7-day delay.

My other FX series I’ll probably “get around” to on VoD, is Archer.

For me, Archer is an interesting animated series. I tend to bring it up late at night when nothing else is competing for my attention. Maybe it’s because of my inner sarcastic child, or that it’s late at night, but I find this snarky show pretty entertaining.

It’s about a secret spy agency whose members are pretty flighty, self-centered and have become accustomed to the better life. So when crap hits the fan, they’re shocked, despite the fact that they do have the skills to deal with things.

The characters are well fleshed out with great history and if I had to compare it to anything, I’d equate Archer to what the kids from South Park would become if they grew up and became secret agents. It’s that kind of fun, and because it’s an animated series, they can get away with some great gags or stunts.

And curses to that damn 7-day delay to VoD. Curses I say!!!


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