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by on December 1, 2012

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Katie Couric talk show - KATIEFrom what I gather, some of you are Katie fans.  Therefore, as a few have asked, let’s check out Katie show listings for the week of December 3rd, 2012:

This week, Katie Couric looks at real life “Without a Trace” cases, she chats with Olympian/Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas.  Jane Fonda is still making the TV rounds and the gang from Storage Wars: Texas drop in.

Remember, like all things scheduled, **! can happen and everything is subject to change!  (Kinda like life!)



Monday, December 3 (1052)

Today, Katie brings you the true accounts of people who vanished without a trace. She’ll share the heartbreaking stories of families like the Coldons who have spent their life savings trying to find their missing daughter, Phoenix, and the parents of Lauren Spierer, who are still looking for answers about what happened to their daughter the night she disappeared, soon after completing her sophomore year at Indiana University. Plus: John Walsh shares his tips for keeping your child safe and provides his insight on some of the cases Katie profiles during this show.

Tuesday, December 4 (1053)

Gabrielle Douglas stole hearts during this summer’s Olympic games in London with her winning gymnastics skills and dazzling smile. She dishes with Katie about her experience on the world’s greatest athletic stage, as well as her new book. Plus, some of other famous Olympians stop by for a visit. Then, Katie will chat with Ed Sheeran, the latest music sensation to emerge from the U.K., who will also perform in studio.

Wednesday, December 5 (1054)

Today, the famously fit Jane Fonda is in studio with Katie, talking about aging, ways to stay healthy in your 70s, and her recent breast cancer scare. Katie will also talk to 24-year-old Allyn Rose, who will represent Washington, D.C., in the upcoming Miss America pageant and has chosen to voluntarily undergo a double mastectomy. Having lost her mother to breast cancer, Rose made the decision to have the surgery after testing positive for the same genetic mutation that predisposes some women for cancer.

Thursday, December 6 (1055)

In a horrific story that rocked the exclusive beach community, millionaire financier Ted Ammon was killed in his Hamptons home more than ten years ago. Now, in their first sit-down interview, twin siblings Greg and Alexa Ammon speak to Katie about the brutal murder of their father, Ted, and the conviction of their stepfather for the crime. Plus Mildred Muhammed talks to Katie about her former husband, John Allen Muhammed, who was convicted for the shootings that killed at least ten people in the Washington, D.C. area and earned him the moniker “The D.C. Sniper.”

Friday, December 7 (1056)

The stars of A&E’s most popular franchise, “Storage Wars: Texas” are on “Katie” today! They’ll share with Katie and her viewers their secrets of how to tell if that “junk” in our houses may actually be worth big bucks. Katie gives Jenny Grumbles, one of the “Storage Wars” bidders, a wad of cash to head down to Texas and win the best storage unit she can — and the stakes are high: whatever profit Jenny makes, will be split amongst Katie’s studio audience! Also, amazing stories of finding treasure among trash.

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Bruce Simmons December 7, 2012 at 8:59 pm

That bites… there must have been a schedule change up or something. Always check your local listings because they seem to change things up often with some of these shows… sorry ya missed them. Maybe they pushed them back to a latter date!!! One can hope!

Emily N December 7, 2012 at 1:11 pm

What happened to the Storage Wars gang today??? I was really looking forward to it!

carolyn scheggia December 4, 2012 at 12:51 pm

you said gabriell douglas new book would have sighned copy

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