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GALAXY QUEST Coming To A TV Near You?

Paramount is dragging its old film franchise, Galaxy Quest out of the dust and onto the reboot tube. Or to be more polite, they’re developing a TV series based around the old franchise that came out in movie theaters back in 1999.

The film had a certain bit of magic to it, being that it mocked a specific genre and did it well enough to make it entertaining.

How a television series will fare is a different matter altogether. If there’s a laugh track attached, I’m gone. Can’t stand ’em. If they try to make it an action comedy, it could be interesting.

But without the same people, it is going to feel like a shell of the ghost of the movie. But hey, we could all be surprised, right?

– – – – –

Speaking of dusting off old films because no one can come up with new ones…

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

In case you did not get enough of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen back in 2003 in what many called a mediocre movie, Fox is taking another swing at this franchise, hoping to make this thing finally count as a movie.

This time around John Davis (The Blacklist) will be producing this movie.

Word is that the comic this franchise is based on is pretty good, and it is based on what some call the “A-Team” from Victorian times, assembling Wilhelmina Murray, Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, and Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

My guess is since The Walking Dead, based on a comic book, can be done right and be a hit, why not? Right?

Let’s hope this, yet another remake, hits the mark this time.

– – – – –

And while the dust mop is going crazy…

Jonny Quest

Do you remember the Jonny Quest cartoon, where a kid and his family saved the world over and over? I hope you liked it. Warner Bros. is filming a live-action film version of the franchise, and they’ve nabbed Robert Rodriguez to direct.

Full House

By the way, I am sure you heard that there will be a Full House reunion type series, gathering the original cast, and it will be called Fuller House.


Shocking as it may seem, (Or not), Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be joining the sequel series. I guess they’re too busy with bigger and better things, like non-acting careers.

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If you ever saw the “2012” film, The Cabin in the Woods, directed by Drew Goddard and written and produced by Joss Whedon, you know the popcorn fun this film was. It was right up Whedon and Goddard’s alley, with your classic, over-the-top, surprise ending.

Well, no good success goes unpunished!

Some guy is suing Lionsgate For CABIN IN THE WOODS. He is claiming that Lionsgate and Whedon stole the story from his novel and put it on film in The Cabin in the Woods.

According to the lawsuit, he is losing revenue due to the movie that has come and gone. Which has me wondering, what revenue, considering we never heard of this guy in the halls of Brusimm.

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