Gareth Edwards GODZILLA, A Review

by on May 16, 2014

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Godzilla 2014 movie ticket (a review)

From an auspicious start to our story in the late 90s, and covering fifteen years of time, we watch the story develop into a modern day slug fest between radioactive beasts that tower over every city they fight in.

And fight they do.

Oh what fun to see Godzilla done in today’s tech, in all his glory. No man in a suit, just a wonderfully rendered Godzilla.

Director Gareth Edwards made the movie relevant. He focused his story on the people that Godzilla happens to, rather than a movie full of monsters taking it out on each other.

This movie reminded me of the version of Godzilla that starred Raymond Burr, narrating the carnage, the impact of the monster, with reveals that are held until the last possible minute. And still, well timed, and not keeping you waiting longer then necessary.

There were a few gaps in logic of the story, but I was more than willing to fill them in with supposition, to help the story move along in my own head. But nothing major. Professional nit-pickers will probably have a field day.

Bryan Cranston plays a scientist in the 90s that sees things he doesn’t understand, and pursues details that follow those events, becoming what most feel are his mental ramblings.

But as you might suspect, his suspicions are proven to be true, but it takes 15 years before what he says proves to be warranted warnings.

I liked what he brought to the screen.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Godzilla 2014, a movie review

Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays his son, Ford Brody, who grows up to be an explosives expert, and finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, again and again.

This boy has grown up into a good looking man who works out in the gym quite often. I know this is the same actor who played the main character in Kick-Ass, and I was distracted by trying to make the visual connection between this man to that boy-character I saw. But I like what and who he brought to the screen.

Elizabeth Olsen plays Brody’s wife, stuck in San Francisco, while Brody hops around the globe, chasing or being chased by monsters. It depends on the perspective. Her screen time was spent being a wife, mom and terrified victim of the big monsters running around her town.

David Strathairn and Ken Watanabe in Godzilla 2014 review(Did you just do that? No, I thought you did?)

Ken Watanabe plays the monster expert, having been there from the beginning in the 90s to now, and he is the one who labels Godzilla with his name. He’s classic in his pursuit of studying Godzilla.

David Straithairn plays the level-headed military leader charged with the mission of tackling the monsters as their battles rage around the world. I’ve always liked what he brings to the screen and he doesn’t fail here.

We’re shown a story about the people as they tackle the situations that the kaiju present to them. The challenges and resolutions, no matter how minor they may seem, on human terms.

And Edwards blends his finished product with enough monster to satisfy the monster-only fans, with good story that will sastisfy those who need more story with good, classic content.

3D or 2D? I saw Godzilla in 2D and I had no problem with that. There’s a lot of human story that takes up screen time and so I don’t think I missed much.

Along those lines, I have no problem with the money spent to see the movie.

The 4 year wait is over. And the anticipation was properly rewarded. All in all, I’d give Godzilla a popcorn 9 score. I’m definitely snatching up the Blu-ray when it comes out.

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Godzilla Movie Review Spoiler Points

Godzilla Movie Review Spoiler Points(Godzilla breaking up a fight between mech-godzilla and the director)

There were a few things that caught my eye in the movie.

I liked the representaton of Godzilla, but rather than being a mere force of nature, he seemed to show up with a nuetral perspective on humans.

Shoot as they will with whatever, Godzilla didn’t pay much attention to them. Give it up people.

There’s another scene where a military facility was housing a monster egg. It wakes up and chews its way out of the underground facility. ANd no one noticed it until a visual inspection?

After a good long fight with the MUTOs, he falls over, leading us to believe he dies after taking them out. But it turns out he was merely sleeping, and wakes up in the morning, gets up, and walks off into the ocean.

But so what. It all worked for me. What about you?

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