Gentle Spray Bark Contol System Product Review

by on October 30, 2009

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My dog almost never barks.  Almost never.  She will bark when she chases roller coasters, trains and fireworks.  Yes, fireworks.  The only other time she barks is when she’s left alone.  She has separation anxiety.  When she’s left alone, she paces and barks.

We’ve tried Doggy Day-Care, but when they put her in the back, she barks.  They staff at one place figured she’d wear out, but they were wrong.  She can go for 8 hours, non-stop.  LOL.

The pacing just took persistent training sessions.  The barking though is always there, ready to go.

We WILL NOT use any electrical shock collar.  I don’t get the point of traumatizing an animal with electrical torture.  Another option is surgery, but I’d be unhappy if someone cut into me just because of a bad habit I had.  Not gonna do that either.

The alternative we found to the electrical anti-bark devices is called the Gentle Spray Bark Control System.

It’s relatively easy to use, load and deploy.  And for our non-stop barking puppy dog (Well, she’s 10+, but she’s our puppy.), if is a very effective deterrent.  And the citronella spray smells dang good!

The spritzer is triggered by a vibration sensor and it sprays with a very quiet, gentle his of mist.

We’ve been using it now for two years.

The citronella spray is incredibly easy to reload, via a pressurized refill canister.  The 6 Volt batteries are easy to replace too.  They last long enough for my taste that it’s not an issue when we need to replace them.

From what I see at different sites, there’s a 70% or so satisfaction rating.

We’re totally happy with its effectiveness.

Hope this opens up the options you might be considering for your barking pup.

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