GEOSTORM (2017) Movie Review

by on November 4, 2017

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A fun review for once but make no mistake, Geostorm seems like a B-movie destined for the Syfy Channel, TNT or FX. On those venues, the film will excel in it’s commercial ridden three-hour format. If it lands on Syfy, it will raise the standards there.

The film stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Daniel Wu, Ed Harris and is directed and written by Dean Devlin. Devlin’s resume includes TV’s The Librarians, Leverage and silver screen projects like Independence Day Resurgence and he will be producing the upcoming announced projects of ID3, and the Stargate reboot. Yes, there’s a Stargate reboot coming our way.

Gerard Butler films.

“When the network of satellites designed to control the global climate starts to attack Earth, it’s a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide Geostorm wipes out everything and everyone.”

The film opens explaining how the Earth’s climate was changing so horribly, that all nations came together to help construct an orbiting satellite system designed to help temper the extreme weather. The system was designed and construction overseen by Jake Lawson (Butler) but his arrogant behavior gets him fired from the team as the technical team leader. His brother (Sturgess) is put in charge of the space station and that creates a rift between them.

Three years after those events, the space station starts to malfunction in stages and the only person who can fix it is Jake. Of course. But as the malfunctions continue to take place, it becomes apparent that the pattern of break downs is more than what it appears and suddenly we have a mystery of global proportions.

This mystery threatens friends, family, and most of humanity. It’s up to the brothers and their team of trusted staff both in orbit and on the ground to figure out the source of the problem and fix it before it’s too late.

Admittedly, we are talking a B-movie for sure but Devlin works at trying to give the story depth by highlighting the brotherly conflict, the bonds of family and relationships. It’s a valiant effort for a B-movie and it sort of works, but there’s a thin veil of something missing that doesn’t quite gel.

The other GLARING error I noticed was a technical SNAFU where a young lady hacks a tablet, but when she says she’s searching for files, she uses a command, “mkdir -P.” That’s a command to make nested directories, not file searching.

Any way, the film wasn’t horrible and I would not have minded dropping matinee priced money to see the film. It will definitely be a fun TV movie when it lands there.

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