Ghost Hunters Fans… Grant’s Final Episode Coming Up

by on May 13, 2012

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Ghost Hunters on the Syfy Channel

Hey all, since Grant announced his exodus from the TAPS on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, all fans have been doing are counting down the days until his final episode.  And sadly, for the fans, it’s here.

Grant’s final episode will be this Wednesday, (5-16-12), and of course, the episode where the TAPS team goes is Jason and Grant’s own property, which is apparently haunted.

Go figure.

But for the die-hard fans, I bet you’ll love it.  It will be a sad episode for some.  I get that.  I am not looking forward to the last episode of Eureka, since that’s been canceled.  So I understand the pain!  Check out the Syfy link below….

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