Global Warming: You Can Judge For Yourself

by on February 16, 2012

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Global WarmingWhen Al Gore showed the world charts of mean global temperatures on the rise, no one believed in global warming. When we’ve seen imagery of normally frozen territories that are now running rivers of melting ice water, no one believes. It’s pretty interesting to watch the line divide amongst those who know global warming exists, and those who somehow manage to find proof it’s all piddly diddly.

Twitter is a venerable entertainment source when folks break out into global warming fights, as is Facebook. Maybe Facebook is more so, since the folks in the wrong have more space to make fools of themselves. But I digress…

The ever world-encompassing website, DVICE, put out a piece a while back saying that skeptics may no longer have any reason to quote excuses about government funded studies with agendas! They found a study that has no agenda, is publicly funded and all their methods and numbers are open source, so skeptics can go look at the data themselves before making their arguments.

The Berkely Earth Project

The Berkely Earth Project is an independent study source that is beholden to none because the private sector funds it. The biggest donation to the org came from a man known to be a skeptic of global warming, Charles G. Koch.

They also present all their methodologies out there for the public to review. Their numbers, programs and methods are open source, so the entire world can take a look for themselves.

Their findings of this study concluded that

“Since the mid-1950s, average global land temperatures have risen by nearly two degrees Fahrenheit.”

Which is technically, warmer, hence your global warming. It is only two degrees, but sometimes the devil is in the details.

Two degrees doesn’t sound like it is even noticeable, but turn your refrigerator freezer setting up to 33 or 34 degrees and see how that works for you.

Going A Step Further With JPL

A JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) news item where a team from the University of Colorado, using NASA data, determined that over the time-span from 2003 to 2010, that the amount of ice that has been lost amounts to about 4.3 trillion tons, or 1,000 cubic miles. Or, enough ice has melted to cover the United States in 1.5 feet of ice.

This ice loss, is from around the entire globe and not just one place. Someone could sell a lot of coats if that really happened!!!

What Do I Think?

I have my perspectives from reliable, neutral and scientific minded peers who understand the source data better than any of us regular street folk could ever hope to.

I work within the scientific community and when conversations arise about whether global warming exists or not, they laugh at how the news is treated and give me the facts that they know, from sources that the news don’t even go near quoting. Unbiased, unequivocal facts on the issue is what they have access to. So I don’t have any problems believing what I believe about global warming. The information the high IQ’s I work with spout out seem undeniable which way things are going.

We All Have Opinions

We all have our own opinions on the issue of global warming. It’s evident in how the comment board lit up in the DVICE article. People are funny creatures that love to believe what we believe, regardless of the facts. I once presented a piece on knee injuries to someone I know.

A 10-year study with a few thousand participants distinctly proved a certain point and yet she “felt” that what she believed was right. Hard to beat one’s belief over cold, hard statistics. But that’s what humans do. Believe what they will, trust in themselves, regardless of the source of their info.

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