Gmail Text Size, and Some Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

by on October 14, 2012

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Googles GmailThe other day I was plodding around in Gmail… wait, other day?  I’m in my Gmail accounts almost every hour!  But back on point, I was tooling around and I was not sure what I did, but suddenly all the text on only my Gmail page was fairly tiny.  All my other browser tabs were fine.  I was befuddled.

I went and looked up the official page for Gmail keyboard shortcuts, but there was nothing there that dealt with this issue I had encountered.  And the screen text was way too small to leave that way.

After tooling around a bit, I found how to change my Gmail text size finally.

For me,

“Ctrl +” or “ctrl -“ changed the font size in my gmail window.  (I wasn’t in an email, but just in the general window for the app.)

That brought things back to normal for me.  But since I had looked that up, I thought I would look up some simple or basic…

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

In the following examples, I use UPPER CASE letters, but only for clarity.  The below commands are run with lower case command letters.

  • “O” or   Opens an email/conversation.  It expands or collapses a message in ‘Conversation View.’
  • “C” – Compose a new message.
  • + C”:  Compose a message in a new window.
  • “K”     Move to newer conversation
  • “J”     Move to older conversation
  • When viewing an email,
    • “R” to reply,
    • “A” to reply all, or
    • “F” to forward.
  • In an email thread,
    • Type “N” (next message) or
    • “P” (previous message)
  • “E” to archive.
  • Saving a message you’re writing:  “Ctrl + S” saves as a draft.

Here’s an interesting keyboard shortcut:

  • “M” (Mute)  Archives the conversation, and any future messages from that conversation skipping the Inbox unless it’s sent directly to you.

  • “R” – Reply  (Didn’t see that one coming, did’ya?)
  • “F” – Forward
  • “Z” – Undo the previous action


There are more commands at the following location:


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