Godzilla 2012 Movie News from Producer Brian Rogers [9-21-10]

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GODZILLA promo art from Legendary Pictures

Any Godzilla 2012 movie news has been pretty sparse of late but the lucky bast… I mean guys at Zennie62 found some time to interview Godzilla 2012 producer, Brian Rogers. There were some interesting points to be had from this interview about the release date, some story details, a bit about that Godzilla model bust/head image that has been floating around and other bits.

On Godzilla 3D coming out in 2012:

2012 is a targeted release date but Rogers noted that it’s a large project to set up and they hope they can make it for a 2012 release date.

They shopped it out after snagging the appropriate permissions to make the movie and Legendary Pictures stepped up, wanting to bring it to a new audience and into the 21st Century that is current.

Godzilla and Teriyoshi Nakano

Godzilla and Teriyoshi Nakano

The reboot will pay homage to the original Godzilla and not do what Sony did, via, making it an egg-laying iguana-like character.

The Godzilla Model Head:

Godzilla Bust Model

The creature head that has hit the internet and declared to be a working 3D bust model of Godzilla is just a rumor and it is not the model for the upcoming movie.

As far as “who” might be in the movie, there will be either a monster or monsters in the movie and they’re looking to correct the idea that Sony made with having the big G fight the military.

Live Action or Animated Godzilla?

It will be a live-action movie and the plan is having Godzilla being CGI… though it has yet to be determined who will be doing the special effects.

My Thoughts: Hopeful

I think it’s great to hear some new news about everyone’s favorite big green lizard, but I think I heard some interesting points between the lines.

When Brian Rogers made it clear that 2012 is a “targeted release date,” and not THE release date year, that depressed me a bit. This can mean so many things from delays of costs, to lack of finding the right people willing to commit to the project. This says to me it’s still in the “development” stages. A lot of movies are in that stage and some never get out of it. We can only hope.

Legendary Pictures Studios

The fact that Legendary Pictures stepped up to help distribute is a good thing. One that counter-acts the hoped-for release date/year. Legendary does bring great material to the silver screen and as far as I’m concerned, if they’re behind this, then it will happen. By gats they’ve brought the following films to the box office already:

  • Christopher Nolan‘s Batman franchise,
  • 300,
  • Watchmen,
  • The Hangover,
  • Where the Wild Things Are,
  • Clash of the Titans,
  • Inception and most recently,
  • The Town.

Legendary Pictures has

  • Due Date (With Robert Downey Jr.),
  • Sucker Punch &
  • The Hangover 2

in production, and in the development stages, they have titles such as

  • Xerxes,
  • Mass Effect,
  • Gears of War,
  • Clash of the Titans 2,
  • Batman 3,
  • Superman: Man of Steel &
  • Warcraft

This sounds like a production company that knows what we like and they’re bringing it and bringing it big!

But still, Brian Rogers didn’t seem 110% committed, but rather 90% hopeful in his answers. Nor was there any chatter of a director. The premise that they still don’t have a CGI company or director lined up also makes me a bit dour. But hell, 90% hopeful is better than say, the floating status of the perennially rumored Thundercats movies over the years!

And again, HUGE KUDOS to Zennie62 for taking the time to ask about the newest Godzilla movie that could be coming to theaters soon. (Note my pessimistic “could be?”)

Please, Cinema Static readers, head on over to Zennie62 and read their article and out of complete respect for their work, I’m not posing their YouTube video hear. I’d rather you go check it out at their site! They deserve the visits for this work and there is some more details in the vid!

[via Brian Rogers talks Godzilla over at Killer Film]; After this awesome news, how can you not Cinema Static on Twitter?

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mike April 8, 2012 at 9:04 pm

First of all any true fan of the series knows Raymond Burr was not in the original movie,that was a spliced American version that helped his acting career.I think that this movie company is the rite one for the job,but the writer has to be 1000% into it or it will fail,the backdrop has already presented itself,the Tsunami that rocked Japan!If the rite writer can use this awful and tragic event as a starter and finish with the rebirth of Japan and it’s people to inspire the original message that the first movie was giving us(stop using the bomb that Albert Instigne and fellow scientists helped to create)Those bombs fell on people,in city’s living like you and me,going to work,kids going to school,mom’s giving birth to new baby’s into the world,only to have their lives takin from them with out moral condolence.Isn’t that the message you see?I hope this message inspires the writer to come up with a great movie.Thank you for your time.

Bruce Simmons February 4, 2012 at 8:20 pm

JMAN… if you’re wondering why your comment was edited, see the comment rules. If you abide, then try a nice constructive perspective. -The Editor.

jman February 4, 2012 at 8:05 pm

[comment removed by site editor]

GodzillaRules July 10, 2011 at 10:17 am

Godzilla could use a facelift via a big-budget Hollywood film, if for no ther reason than to convice the general masses and the stuffy critics that Big G is not just chessy kids’ stuff. But this particular project is already a painful disaster before it has even begun.

“A complete reboot to the character”? “Bring to a new audience”? Why am I the only one who can see that is already going into GINO territory? Tell me again why this won’t be GINO 2? Because they’ve paid lip-service to “getting it right for the fans”? Because Legendary Pictures is owned and operated by God himself and has never created a single bad film, and must Trust In Them? Yeah right. Save it.

A big, loud, 3-D, CGI-infested, monster-battling American Godzilla movie?

“We can only hope” ? Hell yeah we can hope. We can hope this schlock goes to frigging development hell and never gets made.

ali ibn marrero February 21, 2011 at 8:48 am

godzilla i like godzilla move

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