GODZILLA: Final Wars, Not a Review!

by on August 31, 2010

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Godzilla Classic Toho

Godzilla Classic Toho

While cruising the internet for some pics, I found the 2004 Godzilla 50th Anniversary movie edition of the big green lizard titled Godzilla: Final Wars, over on Crackle.

It’s the big slug-fest of all monster slug-fests, bringing you back to the era of monster island when monsters fight monsters, humans fight the aliens controlling them and everyone else is just running, screaming for their lives from the carnage of the fight.

It’s the classic brought to life one more time and yes, they even have a spot for that “tuna-head” lizard from the 1998 Roland Emmerich Godzilla film. LOL… I didn’t call him that. That’s what the evil alien leader says about it when the original Godzilla stomps it down hard in just a few seconds. “I knew that tuna-head wasn’t up to much.” Nice shot Toho Film! LOL.

GODZILLA Final Wars: Tuna-Head

GODZILLA Final Wars: Tuna-Head

GODZILLA Final Wars - Godzilla's tail smacking Tuna-Head down

GODZILLA Final Wars - Godzilla's tail smacking Tuna-Head down

I don’t know or recognize most of the cast, but just possibly, you’d recognize the bull-necked Captain Douglas Gordon, played by Don Frye (Miami Vice, Big Stan, Public Enemies). And this time, Toho shares the wealth as monsters attack every major city on the globe!


It IS your typical Godzilla movie. Monsters, machines, Earth organizations developed to beat the monsters and such.

It starts out with a team of humans behind the wheel of a fighting machine that’s going toe to toe with Godzilla in the South Pole. The big green guy slips into a chasm of ice and gets buried and frozen. We meet more of the team and watch for a while as things develop for us on the character side of things. But after about 45 minutes, the real fun begins as monsters start to show up all over the world, doing what they do best. Destroy, demolish, roar and destroy some more. It was pure fun! Aliens show up to “save” the world from the monsters, but come on, we know better than that. As the humans figure it out, the aliens unleash their monsters once again and it’s at this point in time that humanity realizes it needs Godzilla one more time.

And no, this is not a review. That’s not up for debate! It’s Godzilla!!! Yet there’s an aspect about this movie that no matter when you see these movies, they’re still fun. Have you ever looked something up that you loved as a kid, and as an adult, came across it again and pounded your head on the desk asking yourself how, how, just how did this ever catch your imagination the first time? (Me and Johnny Soko & his giant robot. Eesh, that’s mine.) Yet no matter when you see Godzilla, it doesn’t drive you into any kind of despair. It’s still is or almost as fun as the first time you saw it. The sign of a true classic, or cult hit. However you want to look at it.

Over on Crackle, the film is available for free to watch. But be warned, they have 30-second spot advertising that shows up a bunch of times that can’t be avoided. It shows up 11 times, but still, the movie was manageable. I just minimized the window during the ad and checked my email. 11 times. Honest! I get a lot of email.

Godzilla: Final Wars was written and directed by Ryhei Kitamura (Versus, Azumi & The Midnight Meat Train) and whether you watch it on Crackle or buy it on Amazon, I think this is a great 50-year anniversary homage to the big green guy.

Check out these cool pics I found on the web of older, behind the scenes of filming Godzilla:

Godzilla and Teriyoshi Nakano

Godzilla and Teruyoshi Nakano

Teruyoshi Nakano Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla

Teruyoshi Nakano Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla

How absolutely cool!

I have to thank Sci Fi Squad for the pointer to the movie on Crack! The movie itself, Godzilla Final Wars on CRACKLE, Godzilla Final Wars on IMDb,

The bottom 2 B&W Pics are from Patrick Macias Blog,

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