Godzilla Remake Gets a Director in Gareth Edwards

by on January 4, 2011

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Godzilla and Teriyoshi Nakano

Godzilla and Teriyoshi Nakano

With Legendary Pictures having nabbed the rights to Godzilla from Toho Co back in March 2010, the collective horde of fans started to slowly hold their breath, waiting for any new news every week.

This week we’ve learned that Gareth Edwards has been tapped to direct the newest Godzilla rendition. Gareth Edwards has grown up in the entertainment industry as basically a digital artist, who graduated into a visual effects director and finally a writer/director.

Godzilla Classic Toho

Godzilla Classic Toho

Most of his projects have been relatively unknown until in 2010 when he helmed the indie film called Monsters. Monsters was an alien infestation movie, but rather than the movie focusing on the aliens and filling the screen with 3D space ships and explosions, he focused on two individuals who were travelling through an alien infested Mexico.

His approach to Monsters (Edwards took on all aspects of the film, from writer, director, visual effects, cinematographer and production designer) captured the attention of studios and Legendary Pictures was one of them.

Now Gareth Edwards is nabbed to be the director of the new movie and this may portend to the idea that they’re returning to the roots of the 1956 Godzilla movie starring Raymond Burr, where we watched the characters dealing with the devastation and anxieties left behind by the radioactive lizard.

This new Godzilla movie will be distributed by Warner Bros. and now, now they need to find a new writer.


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