Good Samaritan Rescues Starving Dog He Found in Desert

by on July 12, 2010

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One of my hobbies is catching lost animals. Usually dogs because they evidence behavior that I can see from a mile away. I catch ’em, check for a collar with a phone number… Which BTW, is super helpful in returning lost animals, and getting them to either their homes, or a place that adopts out animals. In the past I used to end up chasing so many animals, my doctor had a prescription on-call for me in case I’d ever find myself bitten. But that is nothing, compared to what this one fellow did.

He found a dog trapped in a small fissure of a canyon and at what the media refers to as risking his life, rescued the dog. From the descriptions of the situation, it’s sad the poor little guy ended up where he did, but it’s cool what his rescuer did for him. I probably would have done the same!

Check it out:

Hiker risked life and limb to haul out starving stray trapped 350 feet down


Using a cat carrier from a local animal hospital, outdoorsman Zak Anderegg was able to save a dog left for dead in a remote cavern in the canyons along the Arizona-Utah border. NBCs Kristen Welker reports:

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It is a rather heart warming story and I’m sure someone is out making an indie film right now about it! This article brought to you by If you’re reading this anywhere else besides by RSS feed, it’s been scraped!


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