Google ‘Play Store’ App Changed My Preferences

by on April 21, 2013

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Google Play Store changed my settings

I don’t know about you, but when I set preferences in any app, I have my reasons.  But last night (4-20-13) I noticed that on my Verizon Wireless, Motorola RAZR M phone, that my Play Store app started downloading and updating, in bulk, every single phone app that needed an update.   And that is not cool.

A bit of history about my phone app angst:

There are two reasons that I had turned off ‘automatic update’ for my installed apps on my phone.

Once was that while I was in the middle of being lost on the road, when I went to use my Google Maps app, it had started downloading and updating and was useless to me for several minutes.  I had to pull over and wait while it finished what it was doing.

I was under the gun to be somewhere and it ticked me off that I was sidelined by an automatic update.  I swore never again would I be sidelined as such.

The other observation I have is that it seems that the updates do not impact me (I read the “what’s new” text), except with the aspect that the majority of phone app updates seem to deliver different or more persistent ads.  For example, after one app update, it went from little ads at the bottom of the screen to full-screen advertisements when I start it up.  I don’t need that.  I never click on ads.  (Except once, when I was tricked into thinking it was a system message.)

While I’m on the aspect of app ads, egads, who “loves” movie trailer previews every few levels of “Angry Birds Star Wars?”  Then again, that’s consistent with Disney advertisement campaigns, to pummel the populace with ads.  The other night while watching Castle via On Demand, I had different Iron Man 3 clips at every break.

But I digress.

Recently my “Play Store” had updated itself and it now it has a new look.  But I also noticed that with this new look, the option to turn off ‘automatic updates’ had been pulled from the main screen when looking at specific apps.  What I didn’t realize was that along with the removal of this option, was the fact that it turned ‘automatic updates’ back on for every single app I’ve installed on my phone.

I was fairly ticked, so I had located where the option to turn off automatic updates went, and I turned them all back off again.

For me, I located the automatic update option by

  • Started/opened “Play Store”
  • Chose any (or the preferred) App
  • Chose my Options Menu (For me, it’s three dots in UR corner of screen)
  • Chose/touched Auto-update (Cleared the check-box)

Hopefully, if you need to set this option, you too can find the selection easily enough.

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