Gossip Shows Like Extra TV Have No Morales – Brittany Murphy

by on December 21, 2009

in Entertainment

This evening I was watching Extra TV and noticed their articles on Brittany Murphy.  (R.I.P. young lady)

I’m about as close to cussing about something as I’ve ever been.  They’re so busy digging up the dirt on the poor girl about how it’s unnatural for someone her age to have a heart attack, and that she was self medicating and what not.  The suspicions have been raised!!!

EFF Me…  sure, there’s a chance that this situation that Extra TV alluded to exists.  Anything is possible after our self induced perspectives of Tiger Woods got shattered.


Dear Extra TV:  in all your glorious news rumors, not once have you mentioned how Brittany has said she’s had a heart condition since being a child.  Now I dug that up all on my own.  Maybe I missed that part where you mentioned it.  But it got lost in the repeated bashings of Brittany Murphy for your glorified rumor mill reports.

Give me a break.  That’s twice in two weeks where you really made me sad for your need to report news in this fashion.

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