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by on October 11, 2013

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The orbiting space-based drama titled Gravity is a unique and great movie experience, despite all the trailers and clips spoiling most of the first act.

Gravity movie review by Bruce Simmons

In the wild chance you don’t know, Gravity sees Sandra Bullock stepping out of her comedic mode and taking up the sci-fi mantle yet again.  (Some sources say this was her first foray into sci-fi, but that’s technically incorrect, if you consider 2007’s Premonition and 1993’s fun Demolition Man.)

She stars alongside George Clooney as they portray two astronauts on a space shuttle mission to work on a satellite telescope.

If you have a sharp ear will recognize the voice of Ed Harris as the voice of Mission Control.

And as you probably know from the clips and trailers out there, something goes slightly wrong that causes our intrepid astronauts to have what one might call a bad, bad day.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in Gravity

It’s directed, co-written, co-produced and co-edited by Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men).  What’s great about someone being the writer and director of their own project is that you get more of the vision in his head rather than some other director’s “artistic” perspective.

With that said, his vision pulled me out into the realm of Earth orbit, and we’re introduced to the crew on the space shuttle via a scene where this tiny speck in orbit slowly somes towards the camera, while in orbit.  And suddenly you realize it’s the shuttle.

The scene is set with various details about the few different characters we will be watching in the film.

But as most of trailers have shown, the disaster occurs in the first act, setting the tone for the middle act as our characters adapt and recognize their situation.

Sandra Bullock in Gravity

The third act pretty much dealt with tackling the situation and delivering an end that was as much or more tense than the opening of the movie.

Despite the first act, it was a good, gripping 90 minutes that showed us that Sandra Bullock was a great choice for this role.

I say “despite,” because the first act, though peppered with new details that weren’t expressed in the trailers, was somewhat dull for me because it was fairly spoiled by the trailers that were out on the web and later, all over TV.  But then again, I’m not sure how they’d market the movie without trailers.

And the closing act was a wild ride that keeps you guessing right through to the very quiet ending.  (That should keep you guessing even more than the movie itself!)


Do you need to see Gravity in 3D?

I saw the movie in the glorious 2D format and let the dreary flat scenic and good story details transport me away for 90 minutes.

I’ve always believed that if it’s a great story, it doesn’t matter how many D’s the movie is seen in.  And that’s the case with Gravity.  Sure, you can pay x or 130% of x to see this movie.  And sure, Gravity at my local Cinemark theater only had the movie in 25% of its screenings in 2D, but we managed and it was just fine.

I bet 3D did make it interesting, and there were a few 3D gimick shots in the movie, but not too many.  And the imagery was spectacular, that’s for sure.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the scientist turned astronaut character of Bullock’s accompanied by Clooney’s seasoned space walker.

The humor can be subtle but there.

Movie still from Gravity 01

The science/physics, to this layman, seemed pretty factual and not filled with the usual Hollywood distortions.

I’ve seen some incredible reviews for the movie.  Is it a game changer?  Nah. Movie of the year?  It could be, but who am I to say?  Instant classic?  Maybe.  But there’s no “Wilson” in the film to keep… Oh, wrong movie.

Over on Rotten Tomatoes it has a 97% rating from the professional critics while 76k fans have given it a 90%.  (Wait… the critics like it better?  Or is that just a function of the political game they need to play with, within the system?)

On IMDb users have given it a 8.7/10, after 36k votes.


Movie Review Dramatic Score 08The movie is very worthy of dropping bucks and escaping the world for 90 minutes.  It’s probably worth the extra bucks for 3D or even the pricey IMAX 3D…  since so much of the scenery is in space.  But I was pretty happy with my 2D experience.

The other aspect for me, is that I consider this movie to transcend my popcorn scale and I give it an easy dramatic 8.  (It would be a high 8, but I don’t split my numbers)

GO SEE IT… or RENT IT when it comes out to market!  That is, unless you’re an anti-Bullock fan.  Then never mind!

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