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by on June 17, 2011

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Green Lantern is a movie that I hoped would at least be decent enough to spark an energetic feeling about it, after the fact.  I’m still looking for that ‘spark.’


Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and directed by Martin Campbell gives us a nice little encapsulated piece of the Green Lantern franchise, in fact maybe too much all at once.  After all the movie trailers, there was very little to surprise me with in this movie.

The movie spends time covering the aspects of Hal Jordan’s life and the Green Lantern Corp.  I think this could have been done better focusing on one or the other but not both.  The stories seemed lacking together, but probably could have been better individually, with the ability to explore both in better depth.

The power of the ring is explained, but the movie-goer has to just accept that the ring works, not really how it works.  It all seems so disconnected.  I’m not even sure that Ryan Reynolds was the right fit for the role.  He was fun in the beginning when he was learning to use the ring but I didn’t feel it when he found his spirit and embraced his place in the Corp.  The movie felt like it was much bigger than he was and he was just a part in it.

GREEN LANTERN Promo Art - Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Blake Lively was wonderful to see, but I didn’t feel the vibe of Carol Ferris.  The best characters from the film were Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) and Sinestro (Mark Strong).  But there were also aspects that were pretty glaring.   A few scenes were surprisingly amateurish, but just a few moments.

On the bright side of things, the CGI was wonderful, the power or energy of the ring was fun to watch…  the story will probably make kids giddy and hard-core fans pretty pleased too.  Plus I wasn’t bored, just not completely engaged.  The story didn’t suck me in like I’d like.

Bruces 'Green Lantern' ringIt was fun to see Green Lantern realized in a live-action film but it was empty.  I’ll probably enjoy it when it comes to FX or TNT or wherever it may end up.  I’m also glad I fulfilled my curiosity to catch it in the theater, but I’m not calling this a must-see movie.

In trying not to give it away, but I have to wonder WTH the bonus during-the-credits scene was about.  I mean I know what it was about and where it’s going to end up, but there was absolutely no reasoning given in the film or the scene as to why that action was taken.  It just happened.  Much like most of the movie.

Movie Score

Movie Review Popcorn Score 06If you’re tight on bucks, save em.  If not, I think it would be entertaining to some degree.  If I had to score this movie on my movie review scale, I’d have to say that Green Lantern was fun but it lands on SIX on my popcorn movie review scale.

And that’s my every day Joe movie review for everyone.

(Yes, I showed up with my geek-mode on, with my light-up Green Lantern ring that someone sent me.)

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