Grey’s Anatomy 6th Season Finale – Recap and Review

by on May 21, 2010

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Greys Anatomy season 6

Grey’s Anatomy always throws quite the party during their season finales and this one was no exception. In fact it seemed to have gone above and beyond. Usually Grey’s Anatomy can toss out the hospital drama and relationship angst peppered with heart gripping surgical situations. I find they have a good approach in how they add the mix to their plots.

If there wasn’t a warning about the graphic violence at the beginning of the episode, I’m not sure how much more the first traumatic moment would have affected me. Then when I watched Gary Clark walk into the hospital, I knew what was coming down and they didn’t take very long to get to it.

Greys Anatomy series finale - Reed

If you were unnerved by Reed dropping like a sack when she was shot, it’s understandable. Her response was very realistic of a shooting victim and it triggers specific natural reactions. The scene was worked superbly.

After Reed, Alex walks in and Clark shoots him. The gunman then worked his way insidiously through the hospital, all the while different characters were headed places and or saying things that kept you on edge, worried for their safety. He worked his way through the hospital until he finds Derek Sheppard, and he shoots him.

Greys Anatomy season 6 season finale - Derek faces the shooter

Derek faces the shooter

After that, he moves on, ambling through the hospital. The tension, anxiety for the viewer, kept strung tight. Expertly tight.

We move from scene to scene, each group of doctors dealing with their own issue. Each issue, worthy enough of its own episode. And it just gets worse when law enforcement turns off the elevators, keeping Bailey from moving Charles.

The gunman shows up in the OR while Yang is working on Derek and then Owen complicates it when he shows up. And I thought the tension levels were high before that.

Greys Anatomy season 6 season finale - Michael O'Neill as Gary Clark

Michael O'Neill as Gary Clark on Grey's Anatomy

Then Dr. Webber finds the shooter, Gary Clark, superbly played by Michael O’Neill… and Clark only has 1 bullet left.

Through it all, the episode started with Meredith finding out she was pregnant, and ending it with a miscarraige from the stress.

Greys Anatomy season 6 season finale - Sarah Drew

This season finale of Grey’s Anatomy brought us on a ride that I’ve never experienced in any finale to date. Every one responsible for this episode performed superbly. Actors, showrunners, directors, writers… you name it, they helped. With 5 major characters in a show finding themselves shot, we kept asking if they were leaving or not. I knew better, my wife didn’t. Hehe.

Reed and Charles died. Their send off, one quick, the other dreadfully slow. Both perfect. The situation wtih Alex having been shot forced Lexie to declare her love to Alex in front of Mark Sloan. So much for that get-together. From the situation, Callie and Arizona have come to terms with their differences and it would seem they will be having children. Love wins once again.

And Michael O’Neill, whom I first encountered on one of my favorite shows, The Unit, was riveting, heart wrenching and angering. I felt for his loss, I hated his anger and respected his methodology. I wanted him taken down and down hard. I’m the eye for an eye kind of guy. In the end, Webber convinced him of the right thing, in this situation to do.

The night of the finale, I watched some Twitter denizens bash on Grey’s. I had not seen it then and was wondering but now I know that some people just bash that which they know nothing of. It’s as simple as that.

A superb finale indeed, that’s what this was.

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Janice Ta.. July 9, 2011 at 1:47 am

Nice review 🙂
This episode was pretty epic

Amaury January 1, 2011 at 5:58 pm

Which is the song that appears at the end of the last episode in this season?

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