‘Grey’s Anatomy:’ James Pickens Jr. No Longer Chief & His Replacement Is

by on September 25, 2011

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Sandra Oh and James Pickens Jr. in 'Grey's Anatomy'

In the season premiere of the 8th season of Grey’s Anatomy, if you saw it, you know that the Chief, played by James Pickens Jr., admitted to mucking with Derek’s clinical trial to protect Meredith and get her her job back.

But for all intent purposes, it looks like Dr. Richard Webber is exiting the job. But that seems to have folks worried.

What is it with Dr. Webber always looking like he might be leaving? Is James Picking Jr. leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

Hang tight faithful fans of Grey’s Anatomy. If you want to learn who is taking over for the Chief or for that matter, what is the chief going to do now that he’s taken the fall for Meredith, read on.

But beware, there are a few spoilers in store for you:


First up, the Chief stepping down means that someone has to answer to the opening and step in his shoes.

It turns out that Owen (Kevin McKidd) will be stepping up as Chief of the hospital. That in and of itself could very well add a ton of stress to his and Cristina’s relationship, things being as they are.

But as long as Dr. Richard Webber is concerned, he isn’t going anywhere! He will be stepping down and becoming a mere doctor of the hospital.

As it’s put though, despite being a mere doctor on staff, everyone will still look to him for guidance and advice.

So Owen will be the new Chief in Grey’s Anatomy and Richard is just going to be a doctor. That should be interesting to see him back in the middle of it all.

So there ya go.


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