GREY’s ANATOMY Season Finale Review

by on May 17, 2012

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Grey's Anatomy Series Finale Review - Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane pictured

The season finale episode, titled “Flight,” of Grey’s Anatomy started out in a very gritty fashion, showing us a scene from the past when our characters first showed up to Seattle Grace as surgical residents, and then popping into the fuzzy and confusing situation of the plane crash.

My Impressions First

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy was well done, keeping the viewer riveted throughout. The trauma being experience by everyone, from the crash survivors to the staff at the hospital were well timed tales, as we switched back and forth between the wilderness wreckage and Seattle Grace.

But what happened in the season finale?

Well, that would be a spoiler for those of you who have not seen the episode yet, but I do digress, with all the news of contract renewals and such out there on the net, who lives and dies isn’t so much of a surprise for some, but regardless, the story was done well enough to be pretty entertaining.

With that said, spoilers below,

Story Spoiler Alert

At the crash site, we jump around from one character to the next, each one has their own trauma, so to speak. Of all the team, Lexie is the worse off, with wreckage sitting on her, as she can’t feel her legs or left arm.

Mark finally takes THIS moment to tell her he is in love with her, but she fades away, leaving our stunned plane passengers behind… in a complex setting of a disaster in the midst of such natural beauty in the wilderness.

Arizona has an open break on her leg, the pilot wasn’t doing too well (can’t feel his legs) and Christina and Meredith were stumbling around as Meredith is now trying to deal with Lexie passing away.

Then they find Derek and his left hand ain’t looking that great. Yes, the surgeon’s hand.

That and Mark had a condition with his heart that the gang fixed, but leaves him a bit groggy.

Grey's Anatomy Series Finale Review - Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams pictured

Meanwhile, back in Seattle, the day is developing and our other, healthy characters were dealing with their own issues… what hospital/new job they’re taking, an emergency or two… the interns dinner.

Owen fires Teddy…

Bailey… well, she stepped up and told her man how it’s going to be. He ain’t going nowhere!

The season finale episode of Grey’s Anatomy ended with our stranded team, well, still stranded, leaving us hanging until next season.

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