Happy Holidays to One and All & Thank You

by on December 25, 2011

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Grinch says Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

I just wanted to take this moment to say Happy Holidays to one and all. Thank you to

  • Everyone who comes by to check out my eclectic coverage,
  • Everyone who chimes in to some of the conversations,
  • Who retweets or likes my articles,
  • To everyone who supports some of the causes I extol on the sidebar.

Now, more than ever is a good time to chime in and help those who are in need of help. Which ever cause or charitable organization best fits your focuses, whether it’s providing those new and unwrapped toys to the needy families, food for the starving, or money to research for a cause, it’s never too late or too little to pitch in.

I’ve always said “The Power of One” is the simplest and greatest act anyone can do.

The Power of One Against Breast CancerIt only takes one dollar from one person to help with whatever cause you favor. It doesn’t seem like much, but it can add up nicely, whether you know it or not.

IE: If every visitor who came by BruSimm believed that a mere dollar would help a cause and visited their favorite charity after visiting here, this site would have been responsible for close to $2 million in contributions to worthy causes over the last year.

So don’t you dare tell me that a single dollar doesn’t do much. It and you can do plenty and you should feel good about whatever amount you can or feel comfortable contributing. There are many who can’t or for whatever reason won’t, and it’s up to others like us to fill in where we can, if we can.

Again, thank you all for coming by for whatever reason!

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