Has Your Yahoo, Gmail or AOL Password Been Leaked? A Yahoo Voices #fail [Consumer]

by on July 15, 2012

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Consumer news, Consumer alerts and a Consumer's opinionI came across a piece that says that some passwords were compromised off a database that is associated with Yahoo Voices.

It turns out that if you used your Yahoo! Voices account to check your email accounts with, you might be up for the trouble of some evil-doers. But then again, evil-doers would not have easy access to your personal passwords IF YAHOO! VOICES didn’t store your passwords in an unencrypted file.

Are you KIDDING ME? Passwords kept in plain text format? That’s a real #fail folks.

You can go to the following website,


To determine if your password was 1 of the 400k compromised passwords. And I don’t care if this was a slip up because of a website purchase or not.

We take security very seriously…“ but not seriously enough Yahoo. This is shameful.

Editorial Opinion:

I know how convenient it is to use a centralized service to access things, but seriously, it’s crap like this that has always worried me. There is not reason for a third party to have access to my personal email account. None, what so ever. And it’s because of events like this that I always am concerned.

I always access different services via independent routes because no other site should be able to have access to other things.

The only time I think it would be OK is if you have a throw away email that you use for junk like this and not your banking or other personal communications.

But that’s just me.

source: mashable

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