Haunted High on Syfy, A Review

by on August 25, 2012

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Syfy Channel - angled logo 200wHaunted High (aka Ghostquake) aired on Syfy and follows a group of teens trapped in their high school by the vengeful ghost of a former principal. Only the grandson of the dead principal holds the key to ending the killing spree terrorizing the school.

Haunted High stars M.C. Gainey (Django Unchained, Justified, Lost), Lauren Pennington, Shawn C. Phillips and the surprising inclusion of actors Charisma Carpenter and Danny Trejo???  Yes, Carpenter and Trejo.

Charisma Carpenter shows up 15 minutes into the movie, gets sucked into the floor of the library, and dies.  I think it took all of a minute.  Maybe more.  So don’t watch if she’s the reason for tuning in.

Trejo on the other hand, had persistent presence throughout.  (Did he lose a bet somewhere?)

Other cast includes Marc Donato (Bad Kids go to Hell, Sick Boy, Degrassi: The Next Generation), Mike Kimmel and other newbies to the acting scene.

The movie is directed by Jeffery Scott Lando, whose directed such B- TV movies such as Boogeyman, Super Tanker, Goblin, House of Bones…well, you get the idea.  It’s produced by Kenneth M. Badish, whose stellar B-movie career includes Storm War, Arachnoquake, Tornado Warning, Miami Magma, Swamp Shark, Monsterwolf, House of Bones, and many other “popular” Syfy Saturday night movies.

Haunted High on Syfy poster aka Ghostquake

Opening scene is, of course, in a high school (Halloman High in New England) with a teacher talking about a secret, mystical order to the universe.  (Wow, that was a quick reference!)  After class, the history teacher asks one of the students to come down to the boiler room and talked to him about the kid’s past.  His grandfather was into the mystical practices.

The teacher snags an old coin from the kid.  (One of the kid’s grandfather’s coins)  But when the teacher picks it up, it turns red and too hot to handle.  Mr. History teacher drops it and the coin forms a pentagram on the floor and he dies by the hand of a ghost.

The set up is bouncing around between our opening scene above, getting ready for their Prom, kids passing rumors of evil from the past and such.

And there’s some gang-like kids coercing an over-weight computer geek to break into the school and fix their grades on the school computers.  LOL… they break into the school computer and they try to crack the DOS circa 1990 interface!

Things of an odd nature start happening, particularly with a ghost of a man whose died 50 years ago. (Gainey’s character).  There is also a great looking scary evil ghost lady who even shows up on smart phones (Bad data plan).  She’s probably the best part of the TV movie!

Trejo is being coaxed to fight the evil female ghost by a ghost of his dead sister.

The film has numerous, loosely connected scenes of death via different methods of classic gore that we’ve seen in numerous other movies.  Cadaver frog attacks, sucked into glass, teleported to rooms and can’t get out…  The deaths are strung together on a slightly smaller budget than most movies.

If you ever see this movie on the schedule, I wouldn’t go out of your way to catch it.  If it ever comes on TV while you’re in a drunken stupor on the couch and you can’t reach the remote, you should be fine  It should be pretty entertaining at that point.

But I must warn you that by the hour and fifteen mark, it feels like the movie has already played out for two hours… but no, you have much more time to go.

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Pseudonym August 26, 2012 at 10:16 am

This is the very movie that prompted my last Facebook post, which read “I can always count on the SyFy channel for cheesy late night television. :]”.

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