Have You Noticed Chris Hemsworth Getting Younger In His Movies?

by on November 5, 2012

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2012 Red Dawn remake

With the upcoming new (remake) movie, Red Dawn, you might find yourself thinking that Chris Hemsworth actually looks younger in this movie than in his previous other movies. Well, you would not be wrong actually.

In fact, I’m thinking he could be creating a new class or category of actor… He who gets younger in new movies. But don’t be confused. Hemsworth is technically younger in Red Dawn than he was in the early 2011 release of Thor. Honest!

In the upcoming remake, Red Dawn, Chris Hemsworth will look pretty young. But that’s not the magic of the movies. That’s a factor of when the movie was filmed.

Chris Hemsworth in Red DawnChris in Red Dawn

Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the HuntsmanChris in Snow White and the Huntsman

Do you notice how much younger he looks in his latest movie, versus a film that came out in June?

  • Red Dawn hits theaters on (11/21/12) & filming commenced on [Sept of 2009]
  • Snow White and the Huntsman came out (6/1/12) & was filmed on [Sept 2011]
  • The Avengers (April 2012) was filmed on [April 2011]
  • The Cabin in the Woods (April 2012) was filmed [March 2009]
  • Thor (May 2011) [Dec 2009]
  • A Perfect Getaway (Aug 2009) [Mar 2008] (which by the way, is a great little surprise of a movie)
  • Star Trek (May 2009) [Nov 2007]

It’s actually quite easy to explain. If you had not noticed, the filming dates for the movies noted above are not in the same order that the movies were released.

The snag in this entire scheme was MGM’s money problems that started back around 2009/2010. Just as both Red Dawn and The Cabin in the Woods were getting ready for their releases, they couldn’t muster up the cash to market and distribute the movies.

So they were delayed until another distributor (FilmDistrict & Lionsgate) came along and rescued/financed the processes for the movies to come out.

So even though Red Dawn is coming out on November 21st, it was actually filmed back in 2009.

So don’t be confused!

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