Haven Premiere on Syfy – Observations from Cinema Static

by on July 12, 2010

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Haven on the Syfy Channel

The Haven premiere on the Syfy Channel left me wishing there was more to it. But maybe there will be more as the show gets its legs under it.

FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) is sent, well, requests to follow up a murder case lead that takes her to Haven, ME. Haven, it seems, per the previews, is a town like Eureka, but instead of science going awry, it’s supernatural powers that go awry.

Eric Balfour plays the mysterious character of Duke Crocker & Lucas Bryant played the local town cop who feels no pain, Nathan Wuornos. (No! Really, he has a physiological flaw that won’t let him feel pain.)

It started out with some odd-ball lame conversation between Parker and her FBI boss that felt like they were rushing to get the character motivations of Emily Rose’s character in the first 2 minutes. (That’s a huge warning flag in the book of Cinema Static!) We then switch over to a foot-chase scene where one fellow is kinetically flown off a cliff.

Haven on Syfy with (L-R) Eric Balfour - Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose

Haven on Syfy with (L-R) Eric Balfour - Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose

The dialog was slow and stiff. I did not get any form of energy off most of the cast. The story developed and was resolved in an odd sense of balance for me… Could not quite put my finger on it, but there was a quick resolution.

But once the story wrapped, Special Agent Parker calls her FBI boss, who’s on the other side of the bay watching her for some reason.

It felt like a combination of Ghost Whisperer (Getting to the bottom of the supernatural issue), Supernatural & Eureka. (I’m suspecting X-Files vibe will be pulled out too.)

Haven had the lead-in show of Eureka. Eureka pulled in 2.5 million viewers and that number dropped slightly for Haven, having 2.3 million viewers.

Will I come back to watch Haven? Sure. But if there are other things going on, I won’t bu upset that I missed the show.

The show missed the chance to capture my imagination and for me, that’s surprising that a Stephen King story didn’t catch my attention up front. I want it to catch my imagination. I will return for a few episodes to see what happens. But if it doesn’t, I’ll have some free time to watch other things.

We’ll see!

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