‘Hawaii Five-0’ 2nd Season Premiere & Shocker Reveal

by on September 22, 2011

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Grace Park in 'Hawaii Five-0' season 2

Ah, finally, Hawaii Five-0, starring Alex O’Loughlin has returned for it’s second season and the season premiere of Hawaii Five-0 had much along the entertainment value.  But it also had moments of EP.  That’s extreme predictability.  But I’m not sure that the EP was avoidable in the Hawaii Five-0 episode titled “Ha’i’ole.”

The season premiere of Hawaii Five-0, pulled in just under 12 million viewers.  It didn’t beat it’s competitor on ABC, Castle, but it beat everything else.  Being beat by Nathan Fillion in Castle is acceptable to this website!

Moderate to Serious H50 Spoilers Ahead

Alex O'Loughlin in 'Hawaii Five-0'

As we all know/recall, the Governor is dead.  Duplicitous in multiple layers of criminal behavior, the ilk of the criminal way caught up to her.  But then Steve McGarrett was implicated in her murder.

I thought it was going to be a far stretch of connected story lines to get McGarrett out of this predicament, but through a few leaps of story-line faith, it actually happened!

O’Loughlin had a particularly aggressive look in this episode, in a manly handsome sort of way in this season opener.

They didn’t take long to introduce Lt. Commander Joe White, played by Terry O’Quinn.  I like O’Quinn and I think this is going to be an awesome addition to the mix for this season.  White has shown up to help get McGarrett out of his legal mess.  What with being on trial for the murder of the governor.

At the funeral, when Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) confronts Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos), I thought it was about time to spotlight Kelly’s fighting abilities and it was done wonderfully with his altercation with Fat’s hired thugs.

We need more of that!  It was awesome to see that McGarrett isn’t the only one who can kick butt.

I am so, so bummed for the story line where Danno’s ex-wife is moving back to Hawaii… but to be with the husband she left the first time because it turns out she’s farther along in her pregnancy than she thought and it’s his.  CRAP!!!

Poor Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park).  Still under the gun in the IA investigation and then, in text book fashion, gets herself nabbed by the bad guys.  Ug.  (But I completely support the ‘shorts’ look she was sporting in the latter half of the episode.  Just sayin’.)

Again, we found ourselves focusing on McGarrett’s father, as this time, a little device that miraculously has Energizer Bunny power keeps recording and recording and recording, but it did the trick as it recorded the scene where McGarrett did not kill the governor, thus exonerating him.

But man, I was nervous when first Danno (Scott Caan) smashed the clock that held the camera.  I had to wonder how durable this little thing was.  And then when the new governor, played by Richard T. Jones, showed up, I wasn’t sure how he was going to handle seeing Danno and Kelly in his office.  (Which I found convenient they were able to stroll right in, but I’m going with it because it was necessary.)

Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin in 'Hawaii Five-0'

At least the video was enough to save McGarrett’s butt and get Five-0 reinstated, sans Kalakaua, who is still under the IA microscope.

The HUGE Shocker and Hokey Ending

A lot of people had a lot of access to a lot of places I didn’t think they could easily get to.  Case in point is Wo Fat apparently strolling into a prison to eliminate Victor Hesse (James Marsters).  But what made all the canned scenes and such bearable, was that last scene.  The scene when Wo Fat gets in a car at the prison to get out of there.


[spoiler]Wo Fat gets into the get-away car, which is being driven by Jenna Kaye (Larisa Oleynik)!  What?  Wow, are you kidding me?I have to wonder, or hope, that she’s being coerced and not really evil.  But that was the jaw dropping reveal from the second season premiere of Hawaii Five-0.  And here I was so happy way back when I wrote about ‘Oleynik’s returning to Hawaii Five-0 in recurring role status!’



I love seeing that sharp looking Chevrolet Camaro back in action, I love seeing the team get back together and I’m waiting to see McGarrett take down Fat.  (Lose that Fat McGarrett.  Not that O’Loughlin has any to lose!)

Don’t Forget: Upcoming New Cast and Crossover

Lauren German (Happy Town) will be showing up as a regular character, as well as William Baldwin.  And keep your eye out for Tom Sizemore showing up as well as that Hawaii Five-0 crossover episode with NCIS: Los Angeles!

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